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Accelerated UI development maximises UI flexibility

29th January 2020
Alex Lynn

Crank Software’s Storyboard, a UI design and development tool, reduces the frustrations, delays, and costs associated with traditional graphical UI development. It provides designers and developers with a streamlined, parallel workflow enabling them to collaboratively work together when creating user interfaces.

Storyboard was created to be platform-agnostic so that development teams can create UIs optimised for hardware performance and tailored for user experiences, even with the vast choice of hardware and operating system combinations that their projects may need.

With close to two decades of industry expertise in embedded graphics application development, brands like: Coca-Cola, John Deere, Nintendo, GE Appliances, and Vorwerk’s Thermomix, reportedly use Crank Software for bridging the gap between vision and exceptional user experiences.

What’s on show at embedded world?

What’s innovative and new?

  • RT1170 (new board from NXP crossover processor series)
  • RT500 (new board from NXP crossover processor series)

With twice the performance, battery life, and integration abilities at half the cost, Crank Software is showcasing off some of its highest-performing crossover MCUs with Storyboard-built UI demos.

UI flexibility (Scalability, flexibility, portability): Storyboard Lite

  • STM32H7 to STM32MP1 - flexibility and scalablity
  • RT1050 to i.MX 8
  • High-end power high-end graphics; iMX8 Quad

Storyboard Lite is built upon the same architecture which means UI developers develop an application optimised for an MCU or MPU platform using the same UI development tool. This allows teams to develop a single application that can be used for different platforms simply by turning on and off the content they need for optimisation on the target deployment.

This maximises the reusability of developed UIs while reducing development time and wasted resources.

Hybrid rendering

  • NXP 7ULP

With Storyboard’s Hybrid Rendering, UIs can be built using both 2D graphics and 3D animations without decimating the battery life of the device.

This capability is important for today’s battery-driven wearable and IoT-based devices that need to provide users with a rich graphical experience yet take advantage of dramatic power savings whenever possible to extend the life of the device between charges.

Client product successes in booth display

  • Vorwerk Thermomix
  • Sensi Thermostat

Two current Crank projects have recent 2019 Red Dot Award wins. Crank Software will be showing off one of them, the Vorwerk Thermomix TM6 containing Storyboard-built graphics at the booth.

In addition to all of this, some of the core enhancements being introduced to Storyboard include new ways to get actionable insight to assist with development decisions as UIs are being developed. Developers can monitor resources directly so they can fine-tune and optimise the UI for their target hardware.

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