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Electronic Specifier welcomes two new members to the team

23rd January 2023
Paige West

Electronic Specifier is pleased to welcome two new editorial members to the team, Kristian McCann and Harry Fowle.

Kristian McCann, Editor

In the left/right brain divide, Kristian falls squarely on the right side. Having an interest in arts, film and writing, Kristian knew from a young age he wanted to be a storyteller, and professionally, that put him on the path to being a journalist.

Having spent his early adult years in the army in Finland, Kristian went on to work at several different publications and news media organisations: in Helsinki, Brussels, and London before finding his place here at Electronic Specifier.

Influenced by his time travelling the world, Kristian takes a keen interest in the dynamics of geopolitics, news and how this relates to technology! Whether it is a supply chain shortage affecting semiconductors or how new techniques are being used to reduce AI bias, Kristian wants to hear about it!

Kristian's interest in writing, filmmaking, technology, and wine (hello, events!) positions him perfectly to be a part of Electronic Specifier's editorial team and culture.

He is always excited to talk tech and its latest developments, but equally happy to talk about the latest film release. So, whatever your topic of conversation, feel free to approach or email him!

Since beginning his journey at Electronic Specifier, Kristian has written about eliminating AI bias and Microsoft’s job cuts.

Harry Fowle, Editorial Assistant

Harry has always had a passion for all things geeky, whether it be playing video games or researching the newest tech trends. Despite being on the opposite end of things, history is also a prominent interest, from which his love of writing stemmed.

Writing has always been an enjoyable part of his life, taking every opportunity in schooling relating to it, including History at University and now here at Electronic Specifier.

Pushed by his love for technology and writing, Harry has taken a keen interest in researching and reporting on the latest tech innovations and advancements. Whether it be the latest news from space or the newest deep learning AI, it’s all up Harry’s street.

Harry’s curiosity alongside his passion for writing, research, and technology makes him a great addition to the editorial team at Electronic Specifier.

If you see a story you’d like reported or just want to talk about one that already has been, feel free to approach or drop him an email!

Since beginning his journey at Electronic Specifier, Harry has written about Neural Radiance Fields and the first digital nation.

We are very excited to have both Kristian and Harry join the team!

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