RTOS application development redefined

21st March 2019
Anna Flockett

Nearly four decades ago VxWorks revolutionised the RTOS market by enabling a hardware board to connect to a Unix workstation dramatically changing the edit/compile/debug paradigm. This revolution was so disruptive that within ten years many established competitors went out of business or were acquired as a way to be salvaged.

Guest blog written by Michel Genard, Wind River.

With VxWorks, Wind River continues to disrupt and significantly contribute to making application development simpler, reliable and affordable. The commitment to RTOS innovation enables the embedded industry to design, develop, and deploy generation after generation the safest, most secure devices in the world. And the efforts don’t go unnoticed as Wind River has consistently been recognised as the commercial RTOS leader.

The latest release of VxWorks brings to embedded development the following desktop and mobile cutting edge technologies that application developers know and love:

  • LLVM: Unlike other commercial RTOSs which offer either closed and proprietary compilers or just offspring of the GNU toolchain, VxWorks comes with the latest LLVM compiler. And much more than a compiler, LLVM is an infrastructure enabling the development and support of innovations, such as libraries and frameworks.
  • Boost: To ensure developers are able to develop VxWorks applications natively on the desktop before integrating into their specific hardware, Wind River now offers out-of-the-box support for the Boost C++ libraries. This gives application developers the option to develop their applications on their Windows machines leveraging Boost natively, and provides a seamless migration of their tested code into VxWorks. Until now we have been supporting desktop development with an emulation version of VxWorks called VxSim, part of our IDE Workbench.

This latest release of VxWorks is also part of our newest addition to the Wind River portfolio, Helix Virtualisation Platform, an edge compute software platform which consolidates multi-OS and mixed-criticality applications for modernising legacy systems in aerospace, automotive, defence, industrial, and medical. For additional information on LLVM and Boost, as well as other VxWorks modern application developer tools, visit here.

Courtesy of Wind River.

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