CITIC Telecom CPC wins 3 awards for AI innovation

19th December 2023
Sheryl Miles

CITIC Telecom International CPC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CITIC Telecom International Holdings, is pleased to announce the winning of three distinguished awards in recent months.

These awards affirm CITIC Telecom CPC's determination and contribution to foster the development of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology and intelligent innovation, push the boundaries of innovation, and redefine industry's quality standards, as well as recognising the extraordinary achievements of the professional team for many years of dedication to transformative technology excellence.

With the motto ‘Innovation Never Stops’, CITIC Telecom CPC strives to use innovative technologies, including AI, big data, and analytical technologies, to develop disruptive solutions that effectively support the operations and business decisions of enterprise customers.

CITIC Telecom CPC is dedicated to fostering an innovation-driven culture and actively invests extensive resources in nurturing talent development and building a high-performance professional team. These awards are a testament to the expertise, pursuit of excellence, and continuous efforts of the CITIC Telecom CPC team in developing innovative solutions and services.

The three awards are:

  • Best AI Application’ – Silver Award in CAHK STAR Awards 2023 organized by The Communications Association of Hong Kong;
  • AI-SDWAN is awarded Runner Up in ‘Infrastructure-as-a-Service Innovation of the Year’ category of SDC Awards 2023
  • Championship in the ‘Academic Document Chapter-based Structure Restoration Challenge – Final’ in 2023 iFLYTEK AI Developer Competition

Intelligent data analysis technology leads to repeated winning in CAHK STAR Awards

CAHK STAR Awards bestow industry recognition on companies that have shown their excellence and innovation throughout the year in different streams.

CITIC Telecom CPC has won again in ‘Best AI Application’ category this year with the AI-Analytics intelligent data analysis solution. As a winner of this premier industry award for eight years in a row, CITIC Telecom CPC's professional team has demonstrated the pursuit of excellence and commitment to continuous innovation.

The award-winning small model data analysis solution, AI-Analytics, realises the ‘Big data, Small model, Multiple scenarios, Intelligent application’ Model as a Service (MaaS) system. The solution integrates large dataset models and multi-patented self-developed intelligent algorithms through deep learning to build a full model of knowledge base for business applications. With the deployment of computing resources and cross-dimensional training cycles, large AI models can be turned into services, enabling enterprises to use an algorithm development platform right away without the need to spend resources and time training on their own model. The solution quickly provides enterprises with intelligent and visual key data analysis, empowering enterprises to monitor network architecture, operating status, and structure of business, and receive intelligent alerts and dynamic prediction of future business changes. As a result, business performance and accuracy are enhanced while reducing costs.

Winning of ‘Best AI Application’ in CAHK STAR Awards 2023

AI-driven SD-WAN unlocks immense business values

SDC Awards aim to reward the innovation, excellence, and success of the IT industry in various key areas.  All the winners were voted by the public. CITIC Telecom CPC ‘AI-SDWAN’ won the Runner-Up in the ‘Infrastructure-as-a-Service Innovation of the Year’ category in the 2023 SDC Awards. AI-SDWAN utilises AI to offer unprecedented network performance and management models. In response to the needs of distributed enterprises, this solution allows the creation of hybrid networks that bind multiple access technologies into a single logical path. This enhances business stability and agility, maximises the performance and accessibility of business applications, and reduces costs.

CITIC Telecom CPC offers a network management system that is driven by AI, big data analytics, and deep learning technologies to enhance network operations and reliability. The solution provides early warning and prediction by intelligent analysis of data status and customer operating models to avoid network interference or downtime, assist IT personnel in automatically adjusting resource allocation, and optimise the performance of the entire network. 

Another feature is future projection. Customers can set parameters for applications, links, traffic, and services according to expected business changes. The system then shows possible evolution models, effectively helping customers and IT personnel make better planning and decisions.

Winning of ‘Infrastructure-as-a-Service Innovation of the Year’ category of SDC Awards 2023

Innovation and Data Science Team Clinches Champion in iFLYTEK AI Developer Competition

‘The Academic Document Chapter-based Structure Restoration Challenge – Final’ in 2023 iFLYTEK AI Developer Competition aims to leverage advanced AI algorithms and Large Language Model (LLM) to restore the chapter-based structure of multi-page academic documents and fill the gaps in previous research to foster the further development of the integration of AI and academic document processing technology.

The Competition has been organised successfully for five years, attracting over 73,000 developer teams to participate. This year's Competition raised a total of 108 questions and attracted 32,000 teams from well-known companies and universities, including Hikvision, Tsinghua University, University of Southern California, and Peking University.

Empowered by the ‘ICT-MiiND Big Data Platform’, the innovation and data science team of CITIC Telecom CPC used innovative, accurate computer vision technology and natural language processing technology, underwent intensive and repeated testing, the team once again shines and is crowned the championship in the final, demonstrating the team's innovation and execution capabilities in integrating multiple AI technologies and technical applications.

At the same time, the team leveraged intelligent thinking to formulate effective processing solutions at three levels: solutions, training techniques, and strategies. With the use of the structural restoration method, the team identified the categories and relevance of paragraphs in documents, ultimately solving the traditional problem of relying on keyword searches in document retrieval, lack of semantic context comprehension, and as a result enhancing retrieval accuracy and relevance.

Championship in the ‘Academic Document Chapter-based Structure Restoration Challenge – Final’ in 2023 iFLYTEK AI Developer Competition

Mr. Ivan Lee, Vice President of Information Technology Services and Data Science of CITIC Telecom CPC, said: "We are pleased that our team's innovative development and efforts have been recognised by the industry and brought home an array of awards again. By participating in different industries and innovation competitions, we have explored opportunities to interact and communicate with elites in industry, academia, and research arenas. Not only do we strengthen team cohesion, but also enables us to exchange knowledge with ecosystem partners, optimise our technologies, and accelerate innovation development." He added, "The Challenge has provided us with a Meta platform to showcase our technologies and innovation capabilities, allowing us to effectively apply technologies to the real-world challenges in both work and living environments leveraging the foundation of the ICT-MiiND (ICT-Intelligence) strategy. We strive to invest in technology development to achieve breakthroughs in key technologies and contribute to the industry's quality development. Advanced technologies are the key to enhancing the core competitiveness of an enterprise. We will persist in driving technology development through innovative practices to ensure that our team maintains a leading position in the technology arena."

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