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Apple completely scraps its plan to build an electric car

28th February 2024
Paige West

Apple has reportedly abandoned its electric vehicle (EV) development plans, a decade after the iPhone manufacturer was speculated to have initiated the project.

Back in January, reports were that the project had encountered yet another delay, suggesting that the car wouldn’t debut until at least 2028.

This postponement marked a significant shift in the tech giant's strategy, now focusing on a more basic EV model, aiming to rival current Tesla offerings.

Previously, Apple harboured visions of a fully autonomous vehicle, but the company had recalibrated its aspirations towards a less sophisticated design. The revised plan included a Level 2+ autonomous system, which, while advanced, offered limited features like lane centring and adaptive cruise control. This was a notable step down from its earlier goal of Level 4 autonomy, which would have enabled the car to operate driverless under certain conditions, akin to a local driverless taxi.

The journey of Apple's car project, known internally as Titan and T172, had been fraught with challenges since its inception in 2014. The venture had undergone leadership changes, strategic pivots, hiring freezes, layoffs, and multiple delays.

The project reportedly engaged around two thousand employees and it is understood that many individuals from this project will be reassigned to the firm's artificial intelligence division, as per Bloomberg News.


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