Renesas Electronics Announces Availability of TPS-1 Samples and TPS-1 Starter Kit Based on Global Sales and Manufacturing Collaboration with KW-Software

21st November 2011
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Renesas Electronics has announced the availability of the TPS-1 PROFINET IO (input/output) device chip and the associated TPS-1 starter kit based on the signed licensing agreement with KW-Software, a Phoenix Contact Group company and a leading provider of industrial solutions and technologies. As a result of the collaboration with KW-Software, Renesas is providing the TPS-1 device and first level support through its sales network, while KW-Software is providing second level support and system support based on its competence in automation systems and software.
The TPS-1 component – a single-chip PROFINET IO device interface – has been jointly developed by the companies Siemens and Phoenix Contact. KW-Software is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Phoenix Contact.

The TPS-1 is a highly integrated single-chip device used to build factory and machine networks that support PROFINET, an Ethernet-based next-generation industrial protocol promoted through the international PROFIBUS & PROFINET organization. This has more than 1,400 members worldwide, including Siemens and Phoenix Contact, both leading vendors of industrial equipment in Germany.
KW-Software is a leading international supplier of solutions and technologies in the field of IEC 61131 industrial control, safety, and network technology. The collaboration with KW-Software enables Renesas to sell and distribute TPS-1 products and the starter kit through Renesas’ global channels to support acceleration of the adoption of the PROFINET standard.

The TPS-1 device to be sold by Renesas under the terms of the agreement is a device for Ethernet-based internal factory networks with the following features:
* Two Ethernet connection ports with integrated IRT-capable switch and PHYs
* Built-in PROFINET industrial protocol with RT and IRT support, Conformance Class C
* No external RAM required (reduced system-level cost)

In particular, the TPS-1 supports PROFINET IRT, which delivers best-in-class, real-time performance with the PROFINET protocol. In addition, the TPS-1 device is developed based on design concepts that include maintaining component costs at a level no higher than earlier protocols. This helps reduce the barriers to converting existing equipment that supports the PROFIBUS and INTERBUS industrial protocols. Specifically, the TPS-1 device incorporates the necessary memory, reducing the number of additional components needed. The TPS-1 device is therefore ideal for applications such as compact remote I/O devices, drives and other industrial peripherals. The starter kit allows a quick and easy implementation of the TPS-1 device into customers’ systems.
Please refer to the separate sheet for the main specifications of the TPS-1.

Samples of the TPS-1 are available now. Mass production is scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 2012 in Europe, the U.S. and Japan. Renesas intends to market TPS-1 products supporting the PROFINET protocol to the Ethernet-based factory network field, a market which is expected to grow at a two-digit annual rate.

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