Top 10 new car technologies you need to know

7th September 2017
Lanna Deamer


The automotive industry is always looking for new technologies to develop the ‘coolest’ and user-friendliest model of the moment, and in recent years we’ve seen some really exciting leaps in advancement. Here are Leotronics' top 10 new car technologies you need to know about...

1) In-car apps
The rise of the app doesn’t stop at just smart phones and tablets, some automotive manufacturers are now bringing them into our cars too. With models such as the new Holden Astra, Porsche 911 and Hyundai Elantra offering CarPlay or Android Auto (or both) to sync with your phone.

As well as this, Land Rover’s InControl Remote has recently been launched in all models, allowing you to lock and unlock your car from an app or smart watch. They’ve even taken this a step further, with a newly developed Activity Key waterproof wristband, meaning you never need to worry about losing your keys again.

2) Adaptive LED headlights
Adaptive LED headlights are now a fairly common feature within today’s latest car models, offering brighter, longer lasting and better distributed illumination, and the adaptive technology means even safer night-driving, as they align with your steering and follow the bends in the road better.

3) Comprehensive vehicle tracking
In the next few years, insurance companies will start offering a reduced rate for drivers who agree to full tracking of their driving behaviour. As well as insurance companies, some state governments are also already talking about charging people based on how many miles they drive, so this is something to bear in mind for the future.

4) Biometric access
Taking keyless entry a step further, biometric access is set to be the next big advance in the automotive industry. You’ll be able to unlock and start your car without anything other than your fingerprint, using the same technology as your smart phone fingerprint security used to unlock your device.

5) Park assist
First developed in Japan in the late 90s, driver-assist technology is something we’ll certainly be seeing more of in upcoming car models. Using cameras to scan for spaces while you drive, park assist does differ slightly between models, but most leave you in control of the brake and accelerator, while the car manages the steering and measurements. The Range Rover Evoque Convertible, Volkswagen Golf and Mercedes-Benz A45 are just some of the models offering this feature.

6) Driver override systems
The automotive industry already has cars with autonomous technology that will stop if you fail to apply the brakes in time, but by 2020, thanks to a rapid increase in sensor technology, cars will apply the brakes even if the driver has the gas pedal floored if the car thinks it’s necessary.

7) All-terrain capabilities
We’re now seeing car models offering all-terrain technology that thinks for you, such as the new Range Rover Evoque, which senses the road they’re driving on and adjusts accordingly. From sand to mud to rock-hopping, the multi-terrain technology alters speed to maintain gradient and grip.

8) Active window displays
Head-Up Display (HUD) technology has come a long way over the last few years, and by 2020 we’ll see car models with active glass capable of displaying vibrant images and an entire navigation system that shows you the next turn from your perspective as you approach it.

9) In-car marketing
Personalised marketing based on your customer behaviour will soon to be entering our cars too. It is estimated by the automotive industry that by 2020 even the average car will be fully connected to the internet, meaning we are to expect personalised and location-based ads in our car’s display very soon.

10) Active health monitoring
The automotive industry has seen exciting progress in the monitoring of driver health, such as the concept of seatbelt or steering wheel sensors that track vital statistics and the rapid development of wearable technology that will just wirelessly pair with these devices. We’re not far off from cars that can pull over and call 999 when the driver is in an emergency.

Work in the automotive or electronics industry as either a parts buyer or designer? Leotronics can source custom-built parts for your new and exciting car technologies, for example we have recently provided cables to illuminate the tread plate on Jaguars top of the range cars, find out more.

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