Terminal blocks for solar power plants

18th February 2019
Alex Lynn

Connectivity and sensor specialist, TE Connectivity (TE), has introduced the new TE ENTRELEC PI-Spring range of terminal blocks ZK-PV, dedicated to large commercial and utility-scale photovoltaic installations. The PI-Spring range have voltage of 1,500VDC (IEC)/1,000VDC (UL), complementing the existing 1,500V offering including DBL distribution blocks and SNK screw power terminal blocks ZS150/ZS240.

The ZK-PV range of terminal blocks aims to make connecting photovoltaic systems quicker and more reliable. The smart two-in-one connection gives installers more flexibility, real time savings and higher quality results.

The ZK-PV range for photovoltaic installations is as compact as the rest of the PI-Spring terminal block range, adding only two millimetres to the unit’s depth. For differentiating positive and negative poles, grey and blue colours are available: The distribution blocks are suitable for conductors with maximum cross-sections of 10mm²/6AWG and 16mm²/4AWG. The range provides two and three connections so that two circuits can be grouped in parallel in one line. To group more than two circuits, several ZK10 PV terminals (10mm²/6AWG) can be interconnected by means of convenient plug-in jumpers.

The range´s unique design gives installers two different ways to connect wires quickly and securely. A Push-In mode lets installers just push solid wires into the terminal, ENTRELEC’s patented design automatically clamps the wire to create a strong, reliable connection. In Spring Mode, non-prepared, stranded wires can be inserted just as easily. The installer just needs to slide a screwdriver into the adjacent slot, insert the wire and the connection is secured.

“Over the next five years, most solar power plants will use increased voltages to reduce installation and operational costs. Even thou other solutions do exist on the market for 1500V DC, the terminal blocks are one of the safest and most reliable way for connecting electrical circuits inside PV panels, combiners and central inverters,” said Gael Grenat, Head of Global Product Management for TE’s ENTRELEC products.

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