Telelogic SYSTEM ARCHITECT Adds Support for the NATO Architecture Framework

31st July 2006
ES Admin
Telelogic has announced that SYSTEM ARCHITECT, its leading enterprise architecture and business process analysis tool set, has added support for the NATO Architecture Framework (NAF), the international architecture standard for describing and building communication and information systems.
Adopted for use by government military organizations worldwide, NAF enables organizations to formalize their guidance on the development and implementation of cost-effective and interoperable military capabilities. It also ensures that the architectures developed by NATO and other nations can be compared and related across multi-national boundaries.

Telelogic´s SYSTEM ARCHITECT modeling tool suite is used by government agencies and businesses to design, visualize and analyze business process models and enterprise architectures using frameworks such as NAF and the US Dept. of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF).

NAF is based on the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF). SYSTEM ARCHITECT adds three additional work products and extends the DoDAF Technology view to deliver detailed specification of standards for system functions (NTV-3), the products relevant to those standards (NTV-4) and a product selection report (NTV-5), which lists all products selected for a system. These new reports enable users to capture and report on architectural configurations of products and the standards they support. In addition, senior personnel and financial committees can use these reports to review and comment on technology adoption and use.

Telelogic SYSTEM ARCHITECT is the only tool available today to offer comprehensive support for all structured, data, object and business process modeling techniques. With one powerful tool, the relationships between the diverse relationships of technology, processes and data can be visualized and traced back to their original sources. As a result, organizations can more quickly understand, analyze and take firm action on ever-changing technology and issues that have the potential to affect their business.

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