Surface mount infrared sensor from Murata

8th February 2007
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A surface mount pyroelectric infrared sensor offering dramatically reduced footprint, easy automatic PCB mounting and lower cost, has been announced by Murata. The IRS-A200ST is a highly stable and highly sensitive device ideal for home, industrial, security and lighting applications.
The surface mount PIR sensor is constructed with the same long and short pitch H shaped electrodes used in the highly successful through hole version, the IRA-E700ST. The proven benefits of this approach are good heat balance, resulting in excellent stability over temperature changes, and excellent signal to noise ratio. The surface mount version is an innovative design and construction, with improved sensor elements bringing better responsivity and higher sensitivity to white light, to detect even the slightest movement.

Measuring just 5.7mm x 6.7mm and only 2.6mm in profile, down by almost 50% of the through hole version, the PIR sensor with its new layout of sensing elements, will enable new, much smaller designs. Murata offers a range of lenses to suit different applications. Standard lenses are available for installation with the surface mount devices to give either a 3m to 5m or a 5m to 7m sensing distance. For special applications, a smaller lens design can give 10m to 12m sensing distance.

Murata’s PIR devices allow for a great deal of design flexibility. For example, they can be mounted to easily detect taller objects such as people or cars approaching, whilst excluding detection of small or low-to-the ground objects and small animals. If the devices are mounted on both sides of the PCB, a much wider detection area can also be scanned.

Murata’s extensive testing facilities have also demonstrated much improved RFI immunity, an increasingly important feature for this type of device, not simply to meet EMC regulations, but to ensure the end product is not subject to spurious noise generated by other wireless devices.

The IRS-A200ST devices are manufactured by Murata in Japan. They are readily available in production volumes, reeled for automatic assembly, minimum order is 1.5K/reel. Price depends on volume ordered and lead time is 8 weeks.

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