Start your own little plastic recycling workshop

21st April 2016
Nat Bowers


Precious Plastic is an amibtious project started by Dave Hakkens out of the Netherlands. It aims to allow people, anywhere in the world to transform plastic waste into valuable things using their own local plastic workshop.

The project website features a 'Why?' section, where there is simply a link which answers this question so effectively that I will leave it as intended:

search plastic waste

In case that didn't have the required impact (really!), the project website also states: "The world is submerged with plastic, from the heights of Himalayas to the depths of the Atlantic ocean we have tons of toxic plastic laying around. Whether we like it or not, plastic is our inherited toxic legacy. Let's use it as a resource to create new value and social innovation."

The developers have spent the last two years developing machines to recycle plastic waste, locally. The machines were developed using basic tools and materials and they share all the open source blueprints online to allow people around the world to re-build them.

Once the machines have been built, people can start experimenting, creating and producing new products from their local plastic waste. The main goal of this project is not to create things, but to recycle as much plastic as possible.

Everyone can download the blueprints, watch the how to videos, join the community, share ideas and more at to help reduce the immense quantity of plastic waste we produce.

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