Omeg upgrades its switched potentiometers for PCB mounting with shaft parallel to board

29th April 2008
ES Admin
Omeg Ltd has announced the introduction of its new H Series switch modules for 16 & 20 mm potentiometers. They will replace both the 'IL' and 'ECO/IL' switches. The H Series is based on Omeg's Demko certified rotary switch and comprises three models that comply with the established market dimensions for spindle axis height and terminal pin footprint. Models HA and HR fit 16 mm potentiometers and the HS is for 20 mm potentiometers.
H Series switches are available at ratings of 1 and 4 amp, 250V ac resistive load with minimum life of 10,000 operations. The contact gap is greater than 3 mm for electrical safety. The standard function for both 1 and 4 amp switches is normally open with clockwise rotation to close. Three other optional switch functions are offered for the 4 amp switches. These are normally closed with clockwise rotation to open and the reverse of these two, i.e. normally open or closed but with anti-clockwise rotation to activate.

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