New dual-channel rotary joints offer low-loss performance from 1.5 to 40GHz

29th November 2010
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Link Microtek’s Engineering Division has expanded its portfolio of waveguide products with the introduction of a range of dual-channel rotary joints that offer low-loss performance and high power capability over the frequency range 1.5 to 40GHz.

Designed and manufactured by Link Microtek at its premises in the centre of Basingstoke, the AM-RJ-D series rotary joints can be configured with two waveguide channels or with one waveguide channel and one coaxial channel.

The waveguide channels, which would generally be used for high-power transmissions, are available in waveguide sizes from WR28 to WR284, while the coaxial low-power receiver channels can be specified with frequencies from DC to 40GHz.

Particularly suitable for use in satellite communications or radar applications, the rotary joints typically have a maximum insertion loss of 0.2-0.3dB, a high isolation of 60dB between the two channels, and a power capability of up to 500W.

Any standard waveguide flange can be incorporated in the design to suit customers’ specific requirements, and an extensive choice of coaxial connectors is offered, including SMA, N type and TNC. In addition, optional slip-ring assemblies are available for interfacing to external equipment.

The AM-RJ-D devices are fabricated as standard from
light-weight Alochromed aluminium with a black satin paint finish. They can also be supplied in brass or other materials to special order.

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