Navilock introduces u-blox powered GPS USB stick for Windows

3rd December 2009
ES Admin
u-blox, a leading fabless vendor of embedded positioning and wireless communications semiconductors and solutions, is pleased to announce that its UBX-G5010 single-chip GPS receiver is at the heart of Navilock’s new USB GPS logger device designed for Windows XP and Vista.
The compact device continuously monitors 24+ orbiting GPS satellites to provide Windows-based computers with precise location, altitude, and velocity information, both historically and in real-time.

“The NL-457DL USB GPS stick gives Windows-based applications such as Google Maps and Google Earth instant information about where the user is, was and when. It even tracks how fast they are travelling, allowing software developers to create compelling new location-aware applications and services” said Frank Kautz - GPS Solution Product Manager at Navilock.

Location-awareness is the newest trend for computers and portable devices, enabling a new breed of software applications that provide location-specific information to users such as what services, events or friends are nearby.

“The Navilock USB GPS stick provides a seamless interface between Windows and u-blox’ GPS technology, allowing consumers and software developers to instantly take advantage of our industry-leading GPS performance” said Armin Boeshenz, Area Sales Manager at u-blox “As the globally de-facto standard operating system, u-blox is dedicated to supporting location-awareness for Microsoft Windows.”

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