Multilayer monolithic power inductors

28th June 2007
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Just announced by Murata is the LQM31P family of low profile, multilayer, monolithic power inductors. Available in either 0.55mm or 0.95mm height packages, these cost competitive and space saving components are ideal for incorporating into DC/DC converters designed for small portable equipment such as mobile ‘phones and multimedia devices.
The LQM31P-00 series, measuring just 3.2 x 1.6 x 0.85mm (0.95mm maximum), offers inductance from 0.47µH with an Idc of 1400mA to 4.7µH, at 700mA. The even lower profile LQM31P-CO series, measuring an impressive 3.2 x 1.6 x 0.50mm, features an inductance range from 0.47µH at an Idc of 1300mA, to 2.2µH at 900mA.

With exceptionally low DC resistance and a magnetically shielded structure, these miniature chip coils will appeal to designers of a wide range of applications where minimising power consumption is a critical factor.

Operating temperature range is -55 to 125oC. The devices are compliant with the RoHS directive, with an outer electrode of plated tin, and they support high-temperature reflow soldering (260oC).

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