Logipard chooses Toshiba SoC solution to develop advanced ASIC for MPEG-4 and H.264 video processing applications

21st July 2008
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Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced the successful completion of an ASIC development project with video codec and processing specialist Logipard, subsidiary of Anoto Group AB. The fabless semiconductor manufacturer has used Toshiba’s renowned process technology and the company’s local engineers to create an advanced, low power ASIC. This ASIC is targeted for video processing applications being developed by Logipard customers.
By using the Toshiba process and IP libraries, in conjunction with support from the Toshiba ELDEC (European LSI Design and Engineering Centre) facility in Dusseldorf, Logipard engineers were able to minimise development time and achieve a very short prototype TAT (turn around time). Toshiba’s expertise and experience with analogue design, and the availability of IP for DDR interfaces and programmable buffers also helped to simplify the development process.

Based on Toshiba’s 130nm process technology and integrated into a PFBGA281 package, the Argus IV ASIC is a sophisticated video and image processing IC operating at 225MHz. The device features an ARM926ESJS processor core running with a core frequency of 225MHz and operates with a power consumption of just 800mW. Key features of the IC include MPEG-4 and H.264 encoding and decoding at SDTV resolution as well as VGA at 30fps. The ASIC also offers a 12-bit ISP pipeline with bayer toYUV conversion and zoom and scale post-processing supporting up to 5MPixel sensors with a processing speed of 75MPixel per second, Multi-purpose, multi-level (1.8V, 2.8V, 3.3V) CMOS I/O, a mobile DDR interface with programmable drive functionality and flexible power up and power down modes are also incorporated into the IC.

Linus Wiebe, Logipard’s CEO, comments: “The new device is an integral element of video processing applications developed by our customers. In order to provide such an advanced solution in the project timeframe the prototype TAT had to be kept to a minimum. We chose Toshiba because we knew that their combination of process technology, IP, design experience and local engineering support would give us the best chance to achieve our goal.”

Armin Derpmanns, general manager of the SoC Business Unit at TEE adds: “This development illustrates how leading fabless chip makers such as Logipard can benefit from Toshiba’s open and advanced IDM model and local engineering support infrastructure. We were able to provide Logipard with the technology and development services needed to meet key performance, power, and functionality specifications at the lowest possible cost in the shortest possible time.”

Mr Tsutsui, senior manager from Toshiba Semiconductor Company, Custom SoC Group in Japan states: “Fabless chip makers are strategic to the growth of Toshiba’s SoC business. The project with Logipard is yet another example of how we can support such companies at every stage of the design, development, prototyping and manufacturing process.”

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