Gate Drive Optocouplers for AC and DC Brushless Motors

14th August 2006
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Avago Technologies has announced two new gate drive optocouplers in Stretched Small Outline (SSO) packages for AC and DC brushless motors used in home appliances and industrial applications. Avago's ACPL-W302 and ACPL-W314 gate drive optocouplers are an ideal solution for controlling variable-speed brushless motors in energy-efficient home appliances such as air conditioners and washing machines. Other applications include small- to medium-sized motors used for industrial equipment, switching power suppliers and inverters.

The package size for the ACPL-W302 and ACPL-W314 optocouplers is 50 percent smaller and substantially thinner than conventional dual-inline packages. These optocouplers provide up to 8 mm of creepage and clearance to meet stringent IEC, UL and CSA reinforced safety and insulation regulatory requirements. The creepage and clearance specifications of these SSO six-pin (SSO6) packages make them suitable for safety-critical applications. Creepage is a spacing distance measured over a surface, such as the surface of an optocoupler. Clearance is the shortest distance through air, such as between pins of an optocoupler.

"Industrial equipment and home appliances are being made more compact, which means they require smaller electronic assemblies that meet international standards for reinforced electrical isolation," said Kheng-Jam Lee, worldwide marketing manager for isolation products in Avago Technologies' Optical Communication Solutions Division. "To meet the growing demand for isolation products from our customers, Avago has expanded its series of optocouplers in SSO packages to include smaller optocoupler devices for motor drive and inverter applications."

Approvals to the following safety standards are pending: IEC/EN/DIN EN 60747-5-2 (Option 060 only), UL 1577, and CSA Component Acceptance Notice #5, File CA 88324.

Samples and production quantities of the ACPL-W302 0.4-A peak and ACPL-W314 0.6-A peak isolated gate drive optocouplers in SSO6 packages are available now through Avago's direct sales channel and worldwide distribution partners. More information is available at

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