Free-of-charge passive components “scrub” survey

9th November 2023
Harry Fowle

BEC Distribution has announced the availability of its Free-of-Charge Passive Components Scrub Survey.

All of the current passive components in a customer’s products are analysed, flagging up EoLs and areas where cost savings could be made, and recommending quality Passive Alternatives. BEC can help “design out” substandard components and replace them with newer, improved Alternatives.

There is no contract to sign, BEC simply asks for the opportunity to quote on any passive components flagged up. Sourcing alternative components without a proper assessment and technical due diligence could involve potential risks to the performance or quality of final products.

BEC has the technical sourcing ability and proven experience in the market, together with the assurance that the Alternatives fully match the original specifications. Strict quality checks ensure direct pin-for-pin compatibility.

To combat the long lead times for current products, BEC Distribution offers direct Alternatives to the brand leaders, with short lead times of 6-8 weeks, where most major manufacturers are currently working on 16-30 weeks.

The BEC portfolio of Quality Alternatives is called BEC Select. Many products are ex-stock, with a low MOQ of just 10 pcs for samples, often FOC. The policy of sourcing from different countries around the world ensures continuity of supply without compromising quality. Spec sheets are available on request.

BEC Select offers high-quality Alternatives, often at a price lower than the well-known manufacturers. Quality is key – for example, many products feature gold-plated contacts and robust, rugged designs, ensuring long life. Error-reduction designs have also been utilised in many of the components.

The BEC Select range of pin-for-pin alternatives for current passives covers what is believed to be 95% of all product types and includes for example: shielded power inductors, multi-layer ceramic chip inductors, radial peaking coils, open wire-wound chip inductors and thin-film chip inductors. Plus a very wide range of terminal blocks and resistors.

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