Expanding network in the changing energy sector

24th May 2019
Alex Lynn

Britain’s electricity grid broke records in May 2019, running for seven days without coal power , the longest stretch since the Industrial Revolution began. In a rapidly changing energy sector, smart grid software supplier, COPA-DATA UK, is expanding its network by renewing membership to the Energy Industries Council (EIC) and joining NOF Energy and the Scottish Renewables Forum. 

COPA-DATA is the developer of zenon, software platform designed for the energy industry. zenon provides an ergonomic way of automating substations, managing equipment for renewable energy and enabling an entire host of functions for other smart city infrastructure.

Membership to these energy trade associations allows COPA-DATA to connect with other representatives in the energy sector, demonstrating how software can be used to improve the control and monitoring of energy facilities.

For the second year running, COPA-DATA has renewed its membership to the EIC, the trade association for UK-registered companies that deliver goods and services to the energy industry. COPA-DATA will also exhibit at EIC Connect Energy 2019, an event which brings together the supply chain from global power, nuclear and renewables companies.

EIC Connect Energy 2019 will be held in Manchester on September 10th, 2019.

COPA-DATA has recently become a member of NOF Energy, a not-for-profit organisation focused on providing valuable introductions between companies in the energy sector. As part of its membership with NOF Energy, COPA-DATA will also exhibit at Meet the Buyer – Energy Supply Chain Showcase in Falkirk, Scotland on Thursday 20, June 2019.

As an independent software provider, gaining visibility in the energy industry is a vital part of demonstrating the potential of zenon for large scale energy projects. Membership of these trade associations also enables COPA-DATA to continually innovate by keeping up to date with industry insights, allowing the company to remain at the forefront of energy industry.

“Britain has set ambitious renewable energy targets and our successful coal-free week in May demonstrates that the industry is on the right path,” explained Martyn Williams, managing director of COPA-DATA UK. “However, if the industry wants to see real change, we need to stray from the norm and experiment with new technologies that will make reaching these targets more achievable.

“COPA-DATA has been providing software for the industry for 20 years. Back in 2006, we launched the automation software zenon Energy Edition as an edition of zenon and have since completed over 20,000 installations in local substations, control centres and for renewable farm management. Membership to these valuable trade associations mean that we can demonstrate the potential of zenon to key players in the energy industry.”

This year, COPA-DATA has also joined the Scottish Renewables Forums for the first time. Scottish Renewables represents a number of companies involved in the generation, supply and distribution of energy from renewable sources. The organisation hosts a number of forums throughout the year, focusing on a variety of renewable energy sources including offshore and onshore wind, solar and hydro power.

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