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25th July 2023
Modular working in R&D labs

The automation of laboratories used to be considered very costly and not very flexible, because the workflows are very complex and amounts of data are constantly increasing. Yet, as chemical and pharmaceutical industry product lifecycles become shorter and shorter, the need for digitalisation has become urgent. In this article, Christof Franzke, Senior Technical Consultant Key Accounts at COPA-DATA, explains the vital role of the zenon platform i...

12th July 2023
SCADA is dead, or is it?

Data plays a vital role in the digitalisation of industrial facilities. But, as industry’s digitalisation goals become more ambitious, and our expectations of facility data increases, how is technology for data capture and analysis changing?

Cyber Security
30th December 2022
The need for OT-centric cyber security strategies

Cyber security is consistently hailed as a top global concern for governments, individuals, and businesses alike. However, most rhetoric on the subject focuses on securing information technology (IT), rather than operational technology (OT). In this article Reinhard Mayr, Head of information security and research operations at COPA-DATA, examines the need for a different approach.

27th July 2022
If you can’t think outside of the box — get rid of the box

For manufacturers looking to update their industrial automation system, there may be a significant obstacle in the way — the availability of PLCs.

News & Analysis
17th February 2022
COPA-DATA Group reaches revenue record

COPA-DATA closes the year 2021 with a revenue increase of 18.5 per cent. The business accredits its growth to the transformation towards sustainable production and ever advancing digitalisation in industry. In 2021, the company surpassed its record result from 54m euros in 2020 to global group sales worth 64m euros.

6th December 2021
EDMS and the road to net zero

Industrial manufacturers are among the biggest energy consumers and contribute more than 30% of total greenhouse gas emissions. To mitigate this, the industry must find ways to reduce consumption

25th November 2021
Golden bridge between research and practice

Innovation requires cooperation. In accordance with this guiding principle, industrial automation software provider, COPA-DATA has been collaborating with partners from industry and research for several years within the COPA-DATA Partner Community.

Alternative Energy
2nd November 2021
Climate crisis: management of photovoltaic power plants

The climate crisis requires urgent action as we need to significantly reduce our CO2 emissions to curb climate change and limit the average temperature increase to about 1.5°C. Here, Austrian ORF meteorologist, Marcus Wadsack states: "We are the first generation to feel climate change and the last to do something about it. We have the technology and the money, it would be negligent if we do nothing."

22nd September 2021
Brewing’s journey into automation

Britain’s brewing industry has expanded from a modest 1,218 breweries in 2012 to a colossal 3,018 in 2020 – with small and microbreweries accounting for over 80% of this figure. With the industry reaching a saturation point, Martyn Williams, Managing Director of COPA-DATA UK explains how digital tools can help small brewers compete in a bubbling market.

12th August 2021
The latest measures in industrial cyber security

Cyber security is a pressing concern for manufacturers. According to the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA)’s 2020 threat landscape report, there are 203,000 new strains of malware created every day and, on average, it takes companies a worrying six months to detect a data breach.

Alternative Energy
5th August 2021
The next step to carbon neutrality

According to a new Carbon Brief analysis, the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 were 51% below 1990 levels, largely down to the country’s COVID slowdown. The figures mean the UK is now halfway to meeting its target of net-zero emissions by 2050.

30th June 2021
Flexibility and stability in the European power grid

According to Bloomberg, January 2021 saw the latest in a series of near misses for the European power grid, a sudden drop in frequency and narrowly avoided widespread power failure. Increasing reliance on renewable energy sources — while essential to lower CO2 emissions — also leads to a fluctuating energy supply.

9th June 2021
The diversification dilemma in manufacturing

Smart, agile and fast thinking. Engineers are well positioned to adapt to business needs. Unfortunately, the same can’t always be said for the manufacturing facilities they work in. The last twelve months has demonstrated that the ability to diversify product offerings can provide a serious competitive advantage, but why are so many manufacturers struggling to adapt? Here Martyn Williams, Managing Director of COPA-DATA UK, has explained.&nb...

13th May 2021
Today’s pharmaceutical manufacturing needs

Today, pharmaceutical companies are confronted with more frequent changes in production, but industry needs to ensure it is at the forefront of innovation in a time of a healthcare crisis. Here, Giuseppe Menin, Industry Manager at automation software supplier COPA-DATA, has explained why modular production is crucial for enabling more flexible pharmaceutical manufacturing.

10th May 2021
Zenon 10 patform for the fusion of OT and IT

The events of the last 16 months have sharpened the focus on digital solutions and business models. The zenon software platform from automation software supplier COPA-DATA has helped companies to implement industrial IoT and digitalisation in the manufacturing and energy sectors. Now the company has published its latest major release: zenon 10, a more integrated, all-in-one version of the software platform.

27th April 2021
Using industrial software to converge OT and IT

As Industry 4.0 drives businesses towards greater levels of data awareness and automation, OT and IT (operational technology and information technology) are merging together. The challenge is on for manufacturers to link ageing OT systems with new IT technologies, while also maintaining the highest levels of connectivity and security — but how? Here, Stefan Reuther, Chief Sales Officer at COPA-DATA, has explained why industrial softwar...

9th March 2021
COPA-DATA hires new sales manager

Automation software supplier COPA-DATA has appointed Alexandra Hughes as Pharmaceutical Sales Manager. With a focus on the life sciences sector, Hughes will continue the expanding use of COPA-DATA’s zenon industrial automation software platform in the pharmaceutical sector.

4th March 2021
Digital event for the pharmaceutical industry

Automation software supplier, COPA-DATA is hosting a new webinar for the pharmaceutical industry. The Data Integrity webinar, held on 18th March, at 09:30am (GMT), will help users understand the maintenance and assurance of data accuracy across digital systems that store, process and retrieve data. Giuseppe Menin, Industry Manager of COPA-DATA, will host the event. Registration is free, but spaces are limited. To secure your p...

8th February 2021
DC applications on the grid: solving flexibility

In the late 1880s, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla began a conflict known as the war of the currents. The two inventors and industrialists battled over whether Direct Current (DC) or Alternating Current (AC) should be used to distribute electricity. Ultimately, AC’s ability to work with transformers to easily increase and reduce voltage to transmit electricity across long distances won, and has reigned supreme for more than 100 years.

Alternative Energy
7th October 2020
UK wind power plans unfeasible without tech investment

Industrial software expert, COPA-DATA has warned that Boris’ ambitious wind power plans must not overlook critical investments in software. During the conference speech, the prime minister pledged £160m for a new scheme that he believes will ‘power every home in the country’ with wind power within a decade.

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