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9th March 2021
COPA-DATA hires new sales manager

Automation software supplier COPA-DATA has appointed Alexandra Hughes as Pharmaceutical Sales Manager. With a focus on the life sciences sector, Hughes will continue the expanding use of COPA-DATA’s zenon industrial automation software platform in the pharmaceutical sector.

4th March 2021
Digital event for the pharmaceutical industry

Automation software supplier, COPA-DATA is hosting a new webinar for the pharmaceutical industry. The Data Integrity webinar, held on 18th March, at 09:30am (GMT), will help users understand the maintenance and assurance of data accuracy across digital systems that store, process and retrieve data. Giuseppe Menin, Industry Manager of COPA-DATA, will host the event. Registration is free, but spaces are limited. To secure your p...

8th February 2021
DC applications on the grid: solving flexibility

In the late 1880s, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla began a conflict known as the war of the currents. The two inventors and industrialists battled over whether Direct Current (DC) or Alternating Current (AC) should be used to distribute electricity. Ultimately, AC’s ability to work with transformers to easily increase and reduce voltage to transmit electricity across long distances won, and has reigned supreme for more than 100 years.

Alternative Energy
7th October 2020
UK wind power plans unfeasible without tech investment

Industrial software expert, COPA-DATA has warned that Boris’ ambitious wind power plans must not overlook critical investments in software. During the conference speech, the prime minister pledged £160m for a new scheme that he believes will ‘power every home in the country’ with wind power within a decade.

24th August 2020
Battery storage for zero emission cities

‘Range anxiety’ is a term coined to describe the worry of getting ‘stranded due to power loss’ when driving an electric vehicle (EV). The low power range of EVs is infamous and a reason the market has been slow to pick up speed. But, with the UK Government vowing to reduce emissions in cities, how can battery storage make EVs feasible for public transport? Here, Alan Binning, Regional Sales Manager at COPA-DATA UK, has exp...

25th June 2020
Standards of power utility automation with multiple vendors

Industrial software supplier, COPA-DATA, is launching a new webinar series for the energy sector. The IEC 61850 masterclass will help engineers understand how COPA-DATA’s software platform, zenon, supports power utility automation with multi-vendor systems. In these webinars, Pascal Schaub, Director and Principal Engineer of DT Partners in Australia, teaches how to comply with IEC 61850, without having to write a single line of co...

Alternative Energy
23rd June 2020
Technology’s role in geothermal heat networks

Could a village in the North East of England be the trailblazer for geothermal heat networks and geothermal energy? A 1,500 home garden village situated in County Durham is the first of its kind to be powered by geothermal heat from mine water.

Alternative Energy
23rd April 2020
Could bioenergy be Britain’s energy future?

In this article, Alan Binning, Regional Manager at energy grid software provider, COPA-DATA, examines the potential of bioenergy generation and why, to integrate this valuable energy source into the smart grid, intelligent technology is essential.

29th January 2020
A new chapter for COPA-DATA CEE/ME

COPA-DATA has been developing software for the industrial automation and energy sectors since 1987. The subsidiary COPA-DATA CEE/ME has made a significant contribution to its success with its responsibility for market development and customer support in Central and Eastern Europe as well as the Middle East. Since its founding ten years ago, COPA-DATA CEE/ME has continually grown and generated a turnover of €4.3m in 2019.

16th December 2019
Why 2020 will be the better than 2019 in automation

The shift towards digital transformation in industry has already taken place. Manufacturers have increasingly been encouraged to invest in new technologies, with automation as a key technological driver. 2019 saw the trial of the first 5G smart factory in the UK, but what will 2020 have in store? As we look ahead to a new decade, Stefan Reuther, Chief Sales Officer of COPA-DATA, gives three predictions for industrial automation in 2020.

6th August 2019
Automation made easy: latest version of the zenon software

The latest version of the zenon Software Platform from COPA-DATA is now available. The independent manufacturer has made its automation software for the manufacturing and energy industry even more secure, efficient and user-friendly. Together with zenon 8.10, COPA-DATA is also releasing a new version of its zenon Analyzer 3.30 reporting and analytics software.

24th May 2019
Expanding network in the changing energy sector

Britain’s electricity grid broke records in May 2019, running for seven days without coal power , the longest stretch since the Industrial Revolution began. In a rapidly changing energy sector, smart grid software supplier, COPA-DATA UK, is expanding its network by renewing membership to the Energy Industries Council (EIC) and joining NOF Energy and the Scottish Renewables Forum. 

5th April 2019
Exploring the latest in energy automation

Held at Manchester’s Science and Industry Museum, COPA-DATA will host its second annual zenon Energy Day on 9th May 2019. The event will explore how control and monitoring technology can be used to improve operations in the sector, through a series of talks from industry representatives. Attendance is free but spaces are limited, therefore attendees are encouraged to secure their space on the COPA-DATA website.

Cyber Security
5th November 2018
Tightening IoT security with software

Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, smart meters and integrated cloud services are bringing new considerations for organisations in relation to hackers, cyber security and data protection. Here, Martyn Williams, Managing Director of COPA-DATA UK, explained how software is playing an important role in securing networks of IT and operational technology in the energy industry.

3rd November 2018
The Growing Need to Store Excess Energy

Energy storage isn’t just for those rechargeable household AA batteries. Improved methods of storing and distributing energy from the energy grid could dramatically improve the way the world accesses power. In fact, using batteries to store energy on a large scale could help create a more economic and environmentally friendly energy grid. Here, Jürgen Resch, Energy Industry Manager at energy grid software provider COPA-DATA, explains.

Cyber Security
15th October 2018
Staying secure in the smart era: Three rules for cyber security

Almost half of manufacturers have fallen victim to cybercrime, according to the Cyber Security Manufacturing Report 2018, published by EEF. One of the biggest challenges for manufacturers is choosing from the range of products and services available to protect against these crimes. 

Alternative Energy
16th July 2018
How to face the three challenges for renewables

Alan Binning, Regional Sales Manager at smart grid software provider COPA-DATA UK, explores three common issues for renewables - managing demand, combining distributed systems and reporting.

10th July 2018
Digital twins are changing the energy industry

Improved operations, a reduction in unplanned outages and better managed variations in market conditions; it's the idyllic aim of power leaders across the globe, but how is the digital twin concept making this goal a reality?  Author: Martyn Williams, Managing Director at COPA-DATA UK.

2nd July 2018
Continuous improvement to reap long-term ROI rewards

According to research from Barclays Corporate Banking, over half of manufacturers are reporting improved productivity thanks to the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies. Despite this, two thirds state that they are yet to experience a Return On Investment (ROI). Author: Lee Sullivan, Regional Sales Manager at COPA-DATA UK

Events News
24th May 2018
An overview of the zenon Energy Day 2018

At Microsoft’s British headquarters in Thames Valley Park, Reading, software provider COPA-DATA, invited leaders from the UK’s energy industry to its zenon Energy Day 2018. The event, which was held on 24th Tuesday, April, welcomed industry experts and energy suppliers to address the current challenges the sector is facing — renewable generation, substation automation, IoT and cyber security.

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