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19th October 2010
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Smart phones are now an important part of everyday life. As well as making calls etc, they can be useful in all walks of life thanks to more than 200,000 applications: first-aid tips, recipes, navigation at sea or as a spare key for the car - the possibilities are endless. With the EasyExpoNavigation application, visitors to electronica 2010 can now also use their cell phone as a trade fair companion.
The iPhone application will not just make it easier for visitors to electronica 2010 to search for exhibitors and products. A number of points of interest such as forums, restaurants, public transport stops, as well as a list of events will help visitors prepare for the trade fair. This free tool also contains the names of all exhibitors together with further information such as products and addresses.

Plans of the Munich Trade Fair Center and the individual exhibition halls are integrated in the application. They will ensure quick orientation and navigation in the halls and during travel to and from the Munich Trade Fair Center. Also integrated in the application are flight departure times from Munich Airport and departure times of means of transport operated by the Munich Public Transport Authority from the Munich Trade Fair Center.

Whether a press conference, forum events or the CEO Round Table, ExpoEasyNavigation will quickly help visitors to find out what event is actually taking place in the exhibition halls. The entire supporting program of electronica is integrated in the application and will make it easy for visitors to quickly plan their attendance at the trade fair.

ExpoEasyNavigation, a new trade fair software developed with infsoft GmbH, Grossmehring, can be used via two media channels, i.e. an application and the browser variant. The application can be used with iPhone, iPad and iPod. In addition to the above-mentioned functions, it also offers real-time navigation, e.g. from the visitor’s current location to the required exhibitor or a point of interest. Since the location is always updated in real time, the visitor knows his precise position at all times. One other advantage: after it has been downloaded, the application is used offline. This means that visitors to electronica will not incur any roaming fees when using the application.

The browser variant is available for all smart phones and features the same options as the application apart from real-time navigation. Instead of route guidance, the user sees a map with markings when selecting his destination.

Another special feature is the favorite function. This enables the user to store destinations such as the car park or cloakroom, or highlight favorite exhibitors and products on the hall plans.

The application can be downloaded from the electronica website at the end of October.

All information on electronica 2010 can be found in the Internet at:
For further information on ExpoEasyNavigation, visit:

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