CEVA and NextG-Com partner to offer LTE Cat-M1 and Cat-NB1 solutions

17th November 2016
Enaie Azambuja

CEVA and NextG-Com Limited (NextG-Com) introduced two pre-integrated narrowband LTE solutions designed to simplify the development of Cat-M1 and Cat-NB1 (NB-IoT) modems for cost-sensitive IoT applications. The solutions incorporate the recently introduced CEVA-X1 single-core IoT processor together with NextG-Com’s ALPSLite-M Cat-M1 or ALPSLite-NB Cat-NB1 protocol stacks, in a highly compact and power-efficient manner.

Addressing the cost-sensitive nature of cellular IoT devices, the CEVA-X1 is capable of handling the full DSP and CPU processing loads for these modems, eliminating the requirement for a CPU controller in the system. Furthermore, the solutions have been carefully optimised to ensure smallest memory footprint, minimising the requirements for costly embedded flash and static RAM.

Ensuring maximum power efficiency for long life cellular IoT applications such as asset trackers or smart meters, the CEVA-X1 incorporates dedicated NB-IoT instructions, allowing it to operate at a clock speed of less than 100MHz for a complete Cat-NB1 solution.

“Cellular IoT offers huge potential in terms of the breadth of applications it will enable and the massive global scale on which these devices can be deployed,” said Denis Bidinost, Chief Executive Officer of NextG-Com.

“Our partnership with CEVA brings together their dedicated IoT processor with fully-optimised implementations of our Cat-M1 and Cat-NB1 protocol stacks to significantly simplify the integration of narrowband LTE connectivity into cost-sensitive, power-optimised IoT product designs.”

“At CEVA, we’re at the forefront of LTE and 5G modem innovation, and the only end-to-end DSP supplier for cellular in the industry today, said Michael Boukaya, vice president and general manager, Wireless Business Unit at CEVA.

“With the recent introduction of our single-core CEVA-X1 IoT processor, we leveraged this expertise to address the cellular IoT space and help drive this technology forward. Together with NextG-Com, we can offer our customers pre-integrated, dedicated solutions for low data rate LTE connectivity in any IoT device, from asset trackers through to wearalone wearables.”

CEVA and NextG-Com will present the complete Cat-M1 and Cat-NB1 solutions at the CEVA Technology Symposium, November 21st in Hsinchu, Taiwan, November 23rd in Shenzhen, China and November 25th, in Shanghai, China.

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