Aqueous’ CEO Mike Konrad to Present at the Cleaning and Reliability Workshop

15th August 2012
ES Admin
Aqueous has announced today that its CEO Michael Konrad will present “Electrical Leakage, Dendritic Growth, and White Residue – The Rush to Clean No-Clean” at the upcoming Cleaning and Reliability Workshop, scheduled to take place Thursday, September 13, 2012 at the Holiday Inn Huntsville-Research Park in Huntsville, AL.
Once commonplace, then relegated to military and other high-reliability applications, today defluxing has again moved toward the mainstream. The miniaturization of electronics assemblies and their components, the implementation of lead-free alloys, combined with improved quality standards and higher reliability expectations have culminated to form a growing demand for ionicly clean electronic circuits.

This paper will review the major causes of residue-related failures including dendritic growth, electrical leakage and under-coating adhesion failures. Why we clean and what we are removing, and how clean is clean will be presented. A cleaning equipment “roadmap” will be presented and will review various cleaning processes, modern equipment requirements and environmental considerations.

Mike is an SMT Advisory Board member and President of Aqueous Technologies. Konrad was a member of IPC’s Stencil Cleaning Task Group, contributing to the IPC-7526 Stencil and Misprinted Board Cleaning Handbook, and is a current member of IPC’s 5-31 Committee for the upcoming IPC Cleaning Handbook.

This workshop will be presented free of charge and lunch will be provided. Seating is limited so reserve your seat today here.

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