Analysis optimistic for fast-industry rebound post-COVID-19

26th March 2020
Alex Lynn

The coronavirus will place a massive burden on the global economy. All industrialised countries are likely to fall into recession in the first half of 2020. However, a recovery is expected in the second half of the year if the epidemic dies down by mid-year.

According to official sources from China, the number of the new infections is now very low and production is recovering, with China having announce victory over the virus and the temporary hospitals in Wuhan having been dismantled, as they are no longer needed to keep up with the excess demand caused by the outbreak.

Past globalisation and the digitalisation that is gathering momentum are keeping underlying inflation low.

According to this market analysis from EBV, the overreaching outlook for the economy rests on how long the epidemic lasts, with hopes and predictions that if the outbreak has calmed by midsummer, then the inevitable recession caused by the coronavirus might be blissfully short-lived.

See below for a breakdown via graphs of an overview of the situation in the industry as well as key data about the financial and semiconductor market. 

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