Wireless power transmitter supports a 5V input

7th January 2014
Staff Reporter

Claiming to be the industry’s first Qi-compliant single-chip wireless power transmitter supporting a 5V input, the IDTP9038 from Integrated Device Technology is designed for use in wireless charging systems. The transmitter enables the development of USB-powered wireless charging bases with 75% fewer IC's than competing solutions.

Compatible with the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) 1.1 “Qi” standard for A5 and A11 coil configurations, the transmitter enables OEMs to develop charging bases that are fully compatible with any Qi-compliant portable device. The device operates with a 5V input, allowing it to be powered by any standard USB port, USB wall adapter, or traditional 5V adapter. Wheras existing solutions require four or more ICs, the device has been designed by IDT as a single high-efficiency IC which enables designers to minimize system complexity, ease PCB routing constraints, and simplify the bill-of-materials.

Featuring an embedded MCU, the device boasts exceptional flexibility, minimized PCB real estate, and high-efficiency power transfer due to the integrated full-bridge inverter with low-resistance FETs. IDT’s patent-pending control circuit offers EMI performance measured at 15 dB lower than CISPR requirements, reducing concerns of cross-talk with other sensitive electronics. The 5V device features USB connectivity meeting the requirements of BCS 1.2 (D+/D- detection) for fully controlled power delivery and added safety.

The IDTP9038 features a proprietary high-power transfer mode capable of delivering up to 60% more power than specified by the QI standard – transmitting up to 8W of power when paired with an IDT wireless power receiver. This enables OEMs to offer ultra-fast charging times between their IDT-equipped portable devices and IDT-equipped charging mats.

 “IDT continues to lead the market with the industry’s most integrated and feature-rich wireless power solutions,” said Arman Naghavi, vice president and general manager of the Analog and Power Division at IDT. “The IDTP9038 empowers our customers to create USB-powered wireless charging mats that use the same USB adapters they already bundle with their portable devices, or that can be plugged into a laptop or docking station for convenience. In addition, our highly-integrated solutions benefit customers by minimizing system complexity, easing PCB routing challenges, and simplifying the BOM – all factors that help ensure a successful product development and, ultimately, improve time-to-market.”

The IDT9038 is available in a standard 7x7mm 56-ld VFQFN package and is currently sampling to qualified customers. Evaluation boards, layout guides, and other support tools are available to ease the design-in process.

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