Smart lock launches new night mode feature

31st October 2019
Lanna Cooper


Nuki has announced the introduction of it’s ‘Night Mode’ feature, an update and new feature-set designed to help customers as winter approaches. Nuki’s Night Mode brings a new level of comfort and safety to the Nuki Smart Lock by combining and automatically activating specific features of the Smart Lock during the night.

This ensures, amongst other features, the greatest possible security at night by double-locking the door. Users can use this function to meet their individual needs and have the option to disable Auto Unlock during the night should they wish.

The Nuki Smart Lock also switches to low power mode at night and sends out a Bluetooth signal less frequently, therefore significantly increasing battery life.

Improved user experience

Nuki’s day and night profiles allow customers to adapt their Smart Lock to their individual needs. For example, families with small children whose sleep could be easily disturbed by Auto Unlock can disable it and instead use a normal key when they come home late.

The same applies if you work from home during the day and don’t need Auto Lock during this period but want to make sure that your house is always safely locked during the night.

Improved low battery warning

Before the current update, Nuki notified users via a notification in the app and optional push notifications as soon as battery power was below 20%. With the new update a battery warning will now be displayed in the lock overview of the app for extra reassurance.

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