Range of LoRaWAN wireless solutions

16th January 2019
Alex Lynn

Specialist in the global intelligent systems market, Advantech B+B SmartWorx, is expanding its range of wireless products with the launch of LoRaWAN wireless solutions. LoRa solutions from Advantech help users have better control and management for applications in remote areas, for example flood monitoring, and in harsh environments including extreme temperatures and high humidity.

The upcoming solutions will utilise LoRa wireless sensing technology to overcome the boundary of distance, thereby maximising monitoring efficiency and overall productivity.

The key benefits of LoRa include operation over long distances, from five to 15km. A single base station can provide deep penetration in dense urban and indoor regions and can connect rural areas up to 30 miles away. With a protocol designed specifically for low power consumption battery lifetime is extended over years of operation while providing high capacity capable of supporting millions of messages per base station. Which is well suited for public network operators serving many customers.

LoRa networks reduce system costs in three ways: infrastructure investment, operating expenses and end-node sensor while offering high security with embedded end-to-end AES128 encryption.

The upcoming LoRa Product Portfolio from Advantech includes the WISE-6610 LoRa Gateway (LoRaWAN Private) which supports 868/915Mhz, meets Cat. 4 LTE and has a 9~36VDC Power Input.

And the battery powered Wzzard LRPv2, based on Modbus RS485, 4AI/2DI/1DO featuring a very wide operating temperature range from -40~+75°C and is protected to IP66.

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