Duo collaborate on surveillance camera reference design

3rd August 2020
Lanna Cooper

Renesas Electronics has introduced an Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) surveillance camera reference design to address today’s high accuracy object detection and recognition needs for video security and surveillance systems.

Developed in collaboration with Novatek Microelectronics and designed by Systemtec, the reference design includes a Camera Image Sensor (CIS) board with Phase-Detection Autofocus (PDAF), and a high performance Image Signal Processing (ISP) board along with auto focus zoom lens software.

The surveillance camera reference design enables 4K resolution, colour imaging and better recognition accuracy of objects, including small objects in low light conditions. Its impressive high speed autofocus operation can also be realised with low priced lenses.

This features combination allows Systemtec to offer customers a high performance 4K video security camera reference design and software that helps shorten their development time building a camera system with fast autofocus and enhanced imaging performance.

“An ever-increasing demand for security and surveillance camera systems drives the need for better object detection and recognition capabilities with higher imaging accuracy,” said DK Singh, Director, Systems and Solutions Team at Renesas.

“Our surveillance camera with 4K resolution and PDAF function can deliver much faster autofocus results compared with conventional contrast-detection autofocus. We are excited that our close collaboration with Novatek and Systemtec makes this surveillance system reference design more accessible for customers worldwide.”

Built around Renesas’ high performance RAA462113FYL CMOS image sensor and Novatek’s dual core SoC image signal processor, the surveillance camera reference design uses several other Renesas ICs that address its signal chain electrical functions. The CIS board includes the RAA462113FYL, DC/DC buck converters, LDOs, motor driver and lens. The ISP board features the SoC and associated signal chain components.

Key features of the Surveillance Camera Reference Design

  • Camera Sensor Board:
  • CMOS image sensor with high sensitivity, low noise, low power with high resolution 8M pixels for UHD
  • Sensor features HDR, PDAF functions and MIPI-CSI2 output, which support 30fps @12-bit digital output
  • Enables the exchange to fixed-focus lens as well as zoom lens
  • Image Signal Processor Board:
  • 800 MHz dual core SoC image signal processor with sensor interface and interfaces for display, PHY, Wi-Fi module, GPS, and RS-485
  • RTC, I2C, SPI, GPIO, audio IF, Flash/SD card, HDMI, Ethernet, SDIO, SCI, UART and SDRAM controller
  • High-accuracy and fast AF with support for contrast AF, PDAF, and hybrid AF (PDAF + contrast AF)
  • Flexible and rich functions including 12V power supply (DC jack or Type C), multi-interface support for video output

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