Meeting the need for respiratory devices

20th March 2020
Joe Bush

The world is currently facing an exceptional situation and the need for ventilators is rising rapidly. The coronavirus is spreading and many of those infected are having difficulty breathing. For these patients, respiratory devices are an essential part of treatment and could ultimately save lives. Global demand for these devices has therefore risen sharply given the urgency of the situation. As a manufacturer of sensors for these devices, Sensirion is meeting this challenge.

“As the crisis has developed, demand for our medical flow sensors has increased substantially in countries and regions such as Switzerland, the US, China, the UK, Germany and Oceania. We are doing everything we can to ensure these life-saving sensors are delivered to patients. The fantastic commitment of our employees paired with our purchasing department’s proactive planning means that we have been able to complete all deliveries on schedule so far,” said Andrea Orzati, Vice President Sales at Sensirion.

Sensirion is lending its support to manufacturers of respiratory devices around the world to ensure their equipment is fitted with accurate sensor technology, allowing for time-resolved flow and volume measurements. Continuous air flow measurements in patient monitoring during anesthesia, intensive medical treatment and other clinical or outpatient settings provide important information for ventilation and regulating a patient’s breathing. In other words, sensors are an integral part of modern medicine.

“Our strong focus on innovation is evident in the work we are doing right now. Our development team is currently working intensively on a new sensor solution that can be quickly manufactured on a wide scale and integrated into existing respiratory devices. This will allow manufacturers to quickly produce safe, reliable respiratory devices in sufficient numbers as the crisis continues,” said Pascal Gerner, Director Product Management at Sensirion.

The current situation constitutes a major challenge for all businesses. Sensirion is committed to doing its part to alleviate the global crisis. “It is in times of trouble that the team spirit of our workforce truly comes to the fore. I am exceptionally proud of the solidarity, flexibility and cooperation we are demonstrating. Our top priority is to produce life-saving sensors while safeguarding the health of our employees. We’ve actually managed to increase production despite applying maximum hygiene and safety measures,” added Marc von Waldkirch, CEO of Sensirion.

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