Medical alarms come in two different types

7th May 2020
Mick Elliott

Sonalert Audible Medical Alarms in both speaker and piezoelectric transducer types from Mallory are in stock at New Yorker Electronics.

The Audible Medical Alarms from Mallory Sonalerts’ broad product line are used in almost every type of medical application from consumer hand held meters to infant monitors.

The alarms offer more sound level than the smaller MSS speaker series. This makes it suitable for louder medical environments such as operating rooms.

Both the Mallory Sonalerts MSS and SBS series are well-suited for use in handheld devices as they do not pull as much current. The SBT piezo series is a bit louder and offers ultra-low current. This makes it very useful as a battery or for back-up power applications that run on super-caps.

All three series are available with circuitry and have melody options to let medical equipment designers choose which sounds they need for their application.

Liability has generated an increased interest in this market.

Additionally, as medical technology advances, more types of warnings are needed for more types of equipment.

In Europe, adhering to the standards of IEC60601-1-8 is mandatory but it is voluntary in the USA. Mallory Sonalerts Medical Alarms are made in the USA and meet these stringent criteria and more to earn the IEC60601-1-8 specification.

To earn this accreditation, all equipment must use a high, medium or low priority warning sound depending on the condition of the patient, they must have an audible sound fundamental frequency less than 1000Hz and must have at least four harmonic frequencies within ± 15dB of the fundamental frequency.

These highly reliable devices handle the monitoring of cardiac signs, drug and fluid delivery, equipment failure, oxygen delivery and more and are used by all major medical electronic companies for hospital beds, drug dispensers, defibrillators, dialysis, MRIs, surgery equipment, incubators and other essential health monitoring devices.

The RoHS-compliant, UL-certified medical alarms are extremely lightweight (6g to 16g) yet range in typical loudness from 85dBa to 95dBa @ 10cm with the MSS and SBT series and 95dBa to 105dBa @ 10cm with the SBS series.

Applications include apnea, blood heating, call stations, CPAP, glucose meters, hand-held meters and hospital beds.

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