Innodisk supports healthcare industry with solutions

22nd May 2020
Alex Lynn

The ongoing global health crisis is putting enormous strains on healthcare providers around the world, and has sent the demand for medical-grade equipment skyrocketing. Innodisk is providing solutions that can help.

With organisations scrambling to procure the right components, Innodisk recently provided its technical and medical sector expertise for ventilator production in China, Europe and Brazil, and doubled-down on its support of innovation in global health.

Solutions to new challenges: data security, endurance, ESD protection

Innodisk has delivered solutions used in innovative and life-saving healthcare applications such as mechanical ventilators, ultrasound systems, medical all-in-one and panel PCs, nurses’ stations, and MRI machines.

These medical applications put considerable demands on components that must be addressed in full by any products and solutions – making a focus on personal data security, reliability, stability, and longevity an absolute must.

Industry prowess and technical aptitude

Innodisk’s flash storage solutions deliver unwavering stability and exceptional endurance with SLC and iSLC storage solutions – combined with excellent security guaranteed by AES-256 encryption and TCG Opalcompliance. Further, Innodisk’s DRAM modules meet all performance and form factors requirements while also guaranteeing longevity with full legacy support for SDRAM, DDR1, and DDR2 DRAM – alongside the cutting-edge DDR3 and DDR4 series.

Lastly, Innodisk’s embedded peripherals – for example, RAID cards, isolated serial cards, and USB 3.0 modules – come with features such as wide temperature design, electrostatic discharge protection (air 15kV, contact 8kV) and high potential isolation design (2.5kV).

Innodisk also provides extensive customisation to meet special requirements, for example by designing components that can withstand the extreme electromagnetic interference in medical imaging equipment.

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