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25th November 2022
Innodisk launches FPGA Machine Vision Platform

Innodisk, a provider of industrial-grade flash storage, DRAM memory and embedded peripherals, has announced its latest step into the AI market, with the launch of EXMU-X261, an FPGA Machine Vision Platform.

Artificial Intelligence
29th July 2022
Innodisk announces launch of Edge AI SSDs

Innodisk is pushing the development of edge AI technology.

4th May 2022
Innodisk's new business focus on edge AI computing market

In recent years, Innodisk has been focused on the development of Industrial Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things (AIoT), and has assisted thousands of customers in realising various intelligent applications. Now, together with its subsidiaries, Innodisk will focus on promoting edge AI computing technologies to the world.

16th December 2021
"World’s first" 10GbE LAN module in M.2 form factor

Innodisk has announced its EGPL-T101 M.2 2280 10GbE LAN module, which they claim is the first 10GbE LAN designed in M.2 form factor, features flexible integration and excellent compatibility with existing network infrastructure for crucial backward compatibility.

22nd July 2021
Industrial-grade 112-layer 3D TLC SSDs with high capacity

Innodisk has announced its industrial-grade 112-Layer 3D TLC SSDs along with capacity up to 8TB. The 112-layer SSDs introduces a complete product line including the SATA 3TG6-P and 3TE7 series, as well as the PCIe Gen3x4 and Gen4x4 series.

12th July 2021
Industrial-grade DDR5 DRAM modules released

Innodisk has announced the release of its industrial-grade DDR5 DRAM modules. The new standard touts a host of crucial performance improvements and power savings over its predecessor, and anticipation has been high since the official announcement of its release.

6th April 2021
Blockchain SSD securing radical edge data integrity

Innodisk’s new-patented blockchain technology brings to its latest SSD solution ‘InnoBTSTM SSD’ and alleviates these concerns through sophisticated use of digital signature and blockchain that is fully software independent.

8th September 2020
Innodisk and DFI collaborate for IoT device management

The exponential growth of IoT devices brings a new challenge: how to effectively manage and monitor large numbers of connected devices that may be hard to access in widely-scattered remote locations? To answer this challenge, Innodisk has combined its expertise with embedded technology specialists, DFI, to bring DFI’s RemoGuard remote management system to its customers.

4th June 2020
Innodisk brings NVMe performance to the industrial

Industrial applications have lagged behind in NVMe adoption for too long. The demand for high-performance flash storage devices in industrial applications has never been greater, yet NVMe devices have failed in achieving satisfactory performance and durability in such applications. With Innodisk’s industrial NVMe product lineup, true NVMe performance is finally available in products optimised for tough industrial use.

22nd May 2020
Innodisk supports healthcare industry with solutions

The ongoing global health crisis is putting enormous strains on healthcare providers around the world, and has sent the demand for medical-grade equipment skyrocketing. Innodisk is providing solutions that can help.

Cyber Security
8th April 2019
Solution for airport security surveillance to improve safety

Air Travel is steadily growing year by year and with more people moving through airports security is becoming ever more essential. One of the larger airports in the Asia region was implementing a new surveillance system. The system would be comprised of many smaller units where a local server would connect to several security cameras.

5th December 2016
Digital I/O expansion cards aim to fulfil IoT communication needs

A series of digital input/output expansion cards: the EMUI-0D01 series, has been launched by Innodisk. These digital input/output expansion cards aim to fulfil the IoT communication needs of industrial systems, for example: sensors, alarms and switches.

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