Samotics launches SAM4 platform 2.0: an interactive analytics hub

9th March 2023
Kiera Sowery

Samotics announces the launch of its SAM4 platform 2.0. The interactive analytics hub brings powerful tools and functionalities that will provide customers with actionable insights to optimise assets' health and energy performance.

SAM4 is a proven system which enables global industries, including water and wastewater, chemicals and steel, to monitor the performance and efficiency of critical assets.

It uses a technique called electrical signature analysis (ESA) to analyse the current and voltage signals of electric-driven equipment such as motors and pumps to detect developing mechanical and electrical faults. The system’s sensors install in the motor control cabinet, rather than on the asset itself, enabling reliable and remote capture of asset performance and efficiency data.

The SAM4 platform 2.0 visualises this data to highlight assets that need attention, such as those with developing failures or the highest energy savings potential. The latest enhancements deliver new functionality and features tostreamline maintenance and energy optimisation decisions:

  • Consolidate fleet and site-wide data: Samotics' customers will now be able to see how their entire fleet of monitored assets are performing and identify where to focus maintenance and optimization efforts.
  • Review each asset’s condition monitoring history over time: With the asset health timeline, users can see a full history of condition monitoring activities performed on an asset, including a record of all open and closed failure detections and maintenance events that took place. Any outstanding open incidents are also visible in real time and pinpoint  both failure mode and recommended maintenance action. Once the advice is implemented, users can record a new maintenance activity directly on the platform and see it reflected in the history timeline.
  • Track current developments in an asset's health and performance: From the asset health timeline, users can click through to each incident’s detailed page to see what type of faults are developing, where in the drive train they occur and what is the recommended maintenance action. Any updates to the situation are displayed in real time, enabling users to keep track of the monitored asset's performance.
  • Compare asset performance to industry benchmarks: Built-in benchmarking capabilities enable customers to compare an asset’s energy performance against the industry best practice and the industry average to optimize its operation based on data-driven insights. 

Thijs Bootsma, Head of Asset Health at Samotics said: “SAM4 processes thousands of data points daily, providing accurate insights into asset health and energy efficiency. The new SAM4 platform 2.0 brings this data together into one, easy-to-use hub, enabling users to stay on top of their maintenance and energy optimisation activities and make data-driven decisions more efficiently.”

The new SAM4 platform 2.0 makes it easy to navigate and gain insights into assets' health and energy performance. It is now live and available for all customers, across both SAM4 Health and SAM4 Energy offerings.

See the platform introduction video here.

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