Cervoz provides the foundation needed for factory automation

27th September 2021
Joe Bush

Factory automation has become a necessary process that modern-day manufacturing plants must adopt to remain competitive. To the average person, this process may look like replacing old machines with new ones. And while this is certainly a part of automation, another key component of automation is the building of an IIoT network.

Cervoz Technology is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of storage, memory and other embedded solutions for the industrial PC industry. In its near two decades of operation, Cervoz has worked with many customers creating applications and systems for automated factories, also known as smart factories. At the core of what it does is provide the solutions needed for smart devices to continuously process and transmit data and maintain constant communication with each other - the aforementioned IIoT (industrial Internet of things) network.

For Cervoz, this IIoT network begins with a factory-proof SSD module. While factories may differ, there are certain environmental constants that exist in most, if not all, of them. These include extreme heat, exhaust and other discharges, and frequent vibration. To be factory-proof, an SSD needs to be able to perform all normal functions optimally under these conditions.

Cervoz ensures its storage modules are factory-proof by equipping them with special technology features: wide temperature component parts that can withstand extreme temperatures of -40˚C to 85˚C; a conformal coating that protects against environmental factors such as moisture, dust, chemicals and sunlight; and an anti-vibration fill that secures the PCB and main chips in their place and prevents solder joints from coming loose. These same features work on both Cervoz Flash and DRAM products, allowing the company to offer storage and memory solutions that are fit for a factory setting.

In a smart factory, each machine forms part of a larger system that is always communicating. So, application devices with factory-proof storage modules that can process large volumes of data continuously is only one half of the equation. The other half, the one that elevates automation to a next level of self-adaptability, productivity, and cost-saving, is the network connection.         

Cervoz’s R&D team has developed a number of modular expansion cards (MECs) that provide application devices with capability to strengthen connectivity. For instance, the company offers a number of products within its MEC-WiFi family for wireless transmission as well as products within its MEC-LAN family for wired transmission. One of the latest product launches was a M.2 (B+M key) 2242/2260/2280 3-in-1 form factor Ethernet solution that gives customers the flexibility to shorten the module in order for it to fit in different places on the motherboard.

With its Flash, DRAM, and MEC solutions, Cervoz is helping to create the smart ecosystem factories need to automate. This ecosystem would not be complete without data security protection in place, which is why Cervoz’s SSDs come with multiple layers of protective features. Whether it is a write protect, a feature that can turn an SSD to 'read-only' mode, or an AES-256 bit encryption that is virtually impenetrable by brute force, these protections are there to ensure that the IIoT keeps sensitive data safe from leaks and hacks. Only then can operations run smoothly without any internal glitches or external interceptions. 

Cervoz is experienced in working with customers on automation, and it is looking at all aspects of the automated ecosystem to make sure businesses can reap the benefits.

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