Heraeus Electronics to present at PCIM Europe

3rd May 2022
James Anstee

Heraeus Electronics has announced that Susanne Klaudia Duch, Project Leader Development - Copper Sinter Paste, and Dennis Ang, Global Product Manager - Die Attach and Sinter Products, Heraeus Electronics, will present during the E-Mobility Forum at PCIM Europe.

The E-Mobility Forum discusses the entire value chain around the topic of electromobility in specialised lectures. New developments and challenges in power electronics for different applications (electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles, charging infrastructure, payment systems, etc.) will be considered.

Silver (Ag) sintering is rated highly for its superb thermal and electrical conductivity as well as excellent reliability. It is therefore a perfect solution for the megatrend towards lifetime increase and efficiency improvement of power electronic devices in electromobility. It has taken many years for sintering with silver to be accepted for high power applications.

Trends continue to indicate positive adoption of Ag sintering. Proliferation to other segments is observed to be limited due to multi-fold cost increase, being it is silver after all. Amongst the many alternatives to replace silver, one is gaining momentum which can improve cost attractiveness and has shown excellent performance. Here, the presenters will provide more information on their investigation with regards to Copper (Cu) sintering. They will show comparisons, benefits, and application scenarios of using Cu as an assembly material. At the end of the presentation, they will let audiences deduce how near Cu sintering is.

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