World leaders will present the advances in the mobility of the future

16th January 2024
Sheryl Miles

Executives from organisations such as MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), AWS (Amazon Web Services), Northgate or DEUTZ will be part of the list of experts who will participate in the second edition of eMobility Expo World Congress to define the roadmap for the new sustainable and connected mobility.

The second edition of eMobility Expo, 13–15 February 2024, will bring together more than 6,000 professionals of the mobility industry in search of technological partners and the latest innovations presented by more than 200 exhibiting companies from sectors such as automotive, logistics, energy, maritime, air, rail, urban mobility, and micro-mobility, as well as all services and technologies related to smart and connected cities.

"The industry is in a challenging phase, with many actors involved in its transformation. The goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 through sustainable mobility requires regulatory changes, alliances, and efforts by all industry players. With eMoblity Expo we want to help define the new roadmap for sustainable mobility and position Valencia as the Davos of mobility in the coming years," said Jesús Haro, Director of eMobility Expo World Congress.

A multi-specialist and multi-disciplinary agenda with international references

The eMobility World Congress will host 10 vertical forums and more than 375 international experts in different fields (automotive, rail, maritime, and air transport, as well as energy and batteries, urban mobility, micro-mobility, and logistics) to analyse and respond to the main challenges facing the industry.

Among them, there is Sebastian Grams, former CEO of Audi Sport and an expert in vehicle electrification, who was a key player in the transition to the complete electrification of the sport range of Audi vehicles.

Grams will share at the eMobility World Congress the state of the art in vehicle electrification and will analyse how automakers, to remain competitive nowadays, must embrace innovation and technologies that drive the electric, connected and autonomous vehicle. In this sense, David Storer, Research Director of CLEPA (European Association of Automotive Suppliers), will address the importance of creating ecosystems to drive innovation; while Sebastian Schulte, CEO of DEUTZ, will share his experience leading the transformation of a traditional combustion engine business with more than 160 years towards new propulsion technologies based on hydrogen.

Laurianne Krid, General Director for Europe, Africa and the Middle East of the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) will analyse the importance of data in the mobility sector from the perspective of an international organisation such as the FIA, while Ashish Naik, a specialist in advanced computing at AWS (Amazon Web Services), will address the use of Artificial Intelligence and advanced technologies to improve both mobility and manufacturing processes for the transportation of the future.

The congress will also feature John Moavenzadeh, Executive Director of the Mobility Lab at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), who will address the importance of Asian countries in the conception of mobility at a global level. He will also explore how the public and private sectors can collaborate to address common challenges and drive innovation, as well as to reduce emissions, improve urban transportation, and advance new technologies.

Likewise, Teresa Romo, Director of Development and Sustainability at Northgate, will participate in the Fleet Management Summit providing a sustainable and efficient perspective on fleet management, a sector that is undergoing a major transformation due to the introduction of new monitoring technologies, software as a service (SaaS) and new propulsion technologies that help to decarbonise and improve fleet efficiency.

All these experts and executives, along with many others, will analyse the main challenges and trends in the mobility sector, such as the rise of mobility as a service (MaaS), the integration of technologies to drive electric and autonomous vehicles, the importance of shared mobility in urban environments and the influence of political and regulatory frameworks on the future of transportation.

In addition, the H2 Hydrogen World Congress will take place alongside the eMobility World Congress, which will analyse the benefits of hydrogen and its application in the mobility sector, to become the largest hydrogen congress in Europe.

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