STMicroelectronics collaborates with indie on in-car wireless charging security

29th November 2023
Sheryl Miles

STMicroelectronics, a semiconductor company serving a wide range of electronics applications, has introduced the STSAFE-V100-Qi secure element, enhancing privacy and security in wireless charging of portable devices in vehicles.

ST also announced its collaboration with indie Semiconductor, a specialist in automotive semiconductors, to integrate this new secure element into indie's Qi wireless in-car charging reference design.

ST's new integrated circuit (IC) aligns with the latest Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) specifications requiring protection by a secure element. It is certified to Common Criteria (CC) EAL4+, the highest security level for Qi chargers, offering enhanced cybersecurity protection.

ST's secure element families, known for safeguarding information and devices in sectors like banking, ticketing, and identity protection, now contribute to optimised charging and safety in automotive applications through this Qi wireless-charging reference design.

Tailored for Qi charging, the STSAFE-V100-Qi supports secure boot, storage, and software updates, enhancing protection against risks like remote tampering, counterfeiting, and copying. Its design ensures continued high security throughout the vehicle's lifespan.

Fred Jarrar, Vice President and General Manager of indie Semiconductor's Power and USB product lines, commented: “indie’s advanced Qi standards-based wireless charging silicon solutions enhance the overall in-cabin user experience, bringing convenient portable device charging to vehicles across all segment classes. ST’s secure element brings the highest level of cybersecurity protection to our reference design, enabling brand protection for our automotive customers and safety, security, and reassurance for vehicle occupants.”

Laurent Degauque, Marketing Director, Connected Security, STMicroelectronics, stated: “By integrating our STSAFE-V100-Qi, the reference design meets the latest WPC specification and Common Criteria EAL4+ to assure protection of charging devices at up to 15W. As a result, indie’s customers benefit from a powerful combination of a high-quality charging system with the highest level of security.”

Further technical information

ST's secure element ICs and processors complement or replace software-based security by introducing tamper-resistant hardware. They utilise ST's expertise in secure storage for electronic keys, cryptographic algorithm acceleration, secure software boot-up, firmware updates, and physical attack protection.

indie's reference design facilitates the development of efficient and robust wireless charging systems for automotive interiors. It features indie’s iND87200 wireless-charging IC, which significantly reduces the bill of materials and simplifies WPC Qi compliance.

ST's secure element safeguards intellectual property by preventing unauthorised access to application code, ensuring electrical safety, and protecting data privacy during charging. The design also includes ST’s ST25R3920B automotive-qualified NFC reader for pairing and NFC card protection in Qi chargers.

Indie's iND87200 wireless-charging IC boasts an integrated boost converter, maximising charging area and consistent power up to 15W. Its advanced power-sensing circuitry monitors system impedance and phase in real-time, enabling features like adaptive foreign object detection, which is challenging in less integrated implementations.

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