Molex is Supporting Global Trends to Help Automakers Achieve Greater Competitive Advantages

23rd May 2012
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The trend toward ‘smart’ or ‘intelligent’ cars continues to build momentum as more electronic content, sensor technology products and wireless systems are added to vehicles for enhanced performance, safety, comfort, convenience and communication.

For example, increased regulations for road vehicles and car safety augment and accelerate the use of Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC) for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-road infrastructure communication, metering, collision avoidance warning, emergency vehicle messaging warning, electronic parking and toll payment. Each of these developments give momentum to a fast-expanding global sensor market.

What is trending with automotive interconnects?

The trend toward 'smart' cars presents big opportunities for sensor interconnect design-ins but sensor interconnects are also evolving as they are now beginning to feature:

• Continued reduction in the overall size of automotive sensors

• Increasing preference of Tin (Sn) plating for cost efficiency

• The predominance of compliant-pin PCB mounting to utilize the advantages of solderless technology

How is Molex helping customers adapt?

Riding on these trends, Molex is developing smaller 0.50mm-type mating terminals for sensor interconnects that reduce the overall size of sensor packages with 0.64mm compliant-pin PCB terminals. Molex is ready to configure and develop products according to customer specifications that help lower overall applied costs.

Want to learn more about our sensor interconnects? Visit us on the web or download our datasheet. You can also view our complete line of automotive product on our industry page.

From proposal to design through development to full manufacturing production, Molex gives customers optimum flexibility and the price-performance benefits for their strategic application investments. With a global interconnect R&D and manufacturing footprint fully integrated with quality, reliability and testing centers and expert engineering resources, Molex has the capability to help customers achieve greater product differentiation and enjoy strong competitive advantage in the global automotive market place.

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