Molex 1.27mm (0.05) Pitch Picoflex IDT Connector System Expands

12th July 2011
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Molex Incorporated has expanded its extensive Picoflex IDT connector system, which is suitable for many high-density applications where space is at a premium and power and signal are required. The latest addition to the product family is the Latched Picoflex Header.

Comprising PCB headers, cable connectors and standard ribbon cable assemblies, the Picoflex connector system features a highly reliable terminal design, and locking and cable strain relief to help guarantee a secure electrical connection in a variety of demanding applications in the industrial, automotive, medical and multimedia industries.

The Picoflex family offers SMT and Surface Mount Compatible PCB headers available in high-temperature Nylon and Polyphthalamide. All seven header options are polarized both to the PCB and to the female connector. The staggered solder tails with 1.27mm pitch have 2.54mm distance between both solder tail rows, significantly reducing the risk of solder bridging.

The one-piece molded body with preloaded IDT terminals and cable guide removes the need for a separate upper housing, terminals or an insertion tool, which significantly reduces applied costs. The cable entry window on the IDT connectors has a scalloped profile, ensuring precise positioning of 1.27mm 26 to 28 AWG standard ribbon cable. The connector is terminated by the IDT terminal being pushed up into the housing, displacing the cable jacket as well as positioning itself in the top of the housing to achieve effective strain relief. Four contact points per circuit and the integral strain relief help ensure a reliable electrical contact in applications with high vibration and intense shock requirements.

Available in lengths from 6 to 120cm, Molex supplies four different styles of standard cable assembly options. The first option features two 90327 connectors in C-style, the second in Z-style, the third featuring one 90327 connector and one 90584 board-in connector in Z-style, and the last featuring one 90327 receptacle and one 90584 board-in connector in C-style. Molex also offers a full range of non-standard options, including shorter cable lengths.

Picoflex IDT connectors are designed to minimize assembly costs. Molex offers application tooling, ranging from hand tools for field repairs and prototyping to fully-automated harness machines. Depending on the level of tooling chosen, machines are capable of manufacturing double-ended electrical and continuity-tested cables.

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