Jean-Pierre Beltoise car circuit equipped with charging stations

26th October 2022
Sheryl Miles

EVBox, a specialist manufacturer in scalable and flexible charging solutions, has been chosen by Beltoise Evolution, expert in road safety training, to provide charging stations for their racing car circuit property in France. This is part of Beltoise Evolution’s mission to evolve vehicles towards alternative, sustainable energy.

With a dual objective of both diversifying its activities and acting in favour of sustainable development issues, the Jean-Pierre Beltoise car circuit has installed a complete range of EVBox charging stations in Trappes, near Paris, France.

As an expert in road safety training, with more than 800 training sessions per year, Beltoise Evolution accompanies organisations in the implementation of Road Risk Prevention Plans and operates the circuit in Trappes for various training sessions and events. The circuit is also used for activities focused on electric vehicles and public education on the electric vehicle ecosystem.

Supporting the evolution towards cleaner mobility

To move towards cleaner mobility, Beltoise Evolution has equipped itself with a fleet of EVBox charging stations to meet the charging needs of its operating fleet vehicles. With the help of installer Omexom, the charging stations were assembled in two of the Beltoise parking lots, including one EVBox Troniq Modular 180kW, one EVBox Troniq 50kW, and three EVBox BusinessLine Double 22kW charging stations.

In addition, EVBox accompanied the installation with upgrading the grid and administering extensive follow-ups. In turn, the aim of the installation was to offer a high-performing charging facility to meet the needs of its customers and internal employees.

A sustainable training approach

The Beltoise car circuit offers numerous trainings throughout the year, most notably The ‘Driving Right’ programme. Now, since the programme is offered with both electric and hybrid vehicles from the automobile manufacturer SKODA, the EVBox charging stations can be used by the Driving Right trainees.

Beltoise Evolution partners with companies for Road Risk Prevention initiatives and uses its vehicles on a daily basis for the training of drivers from several companies. The car circuit has a new training session, where EVBox will instruct how to use AC and DC charging stations on the circuit. This initiative gives trainees the opportunity to learn more about driving and charging electric vehicles.

"EVBox joins Beltoise Evolution in the common interest to develop electric mobility and its uses and to provide quality training on related subjects. EVBox is delighted to accompany Beltoise Evolution in its transition towards clean mobility and its investment for a sustainable site" says Amélie Trégouët, France Regional Director at EVBox.

“Mobility is an essential part of Beltoise Evolution and we know that the future of mobility is electric. That is why at Beltoise Evolution, we are evolving our mobility needs, and we chose EVBox to support us in that transition. Not only does EVBox provide us with reliable charging stations for our electric vehicles, but also supports us with hands-on training. We look forward to contributing to the clean mobility sector and meeting the needs of all drivers.” Says Anthony Beltoise, Head of Public Relations at Beltoise Evolution.

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