High-speed IR emitters deliver 30% higher brightness

20th November 2019
Mick Elliott

High speed infrared (IR) emitters in a 2mm by 1.25mm by 0.8mm 0805 surface-mount package broaden the optoelectronics portfolio at Vishay Intertechnology. It is claimed to be the industry's smallest package to offer opaque side walls.

Built on Vishay's SurfLight surface emitter chip technology, the Vishay Semiconductors VSMY5850X01 (850nm), VSMY5890X01 (890nm), and VSMY5940X01 (940nm) deliver 30% higher radiant intensity than previous-generation devices over a wide temperature range from -40°C to +110°C.

Traditional PCB packages utilise an all-transparent epoxy to embed the emitter chip, resulting in side emissions that can cause a halo effect in camera images.

Ideal for position tracking in virtual or augmented reality applications, the opaque side walls of the IR emitters released today prevent unwanted side emissions and simplify designs by eliminating the need for external barriers such as rubber rings.

Unlike standard IR emitters that emit light in all directions, the SurfLight VSMY5850X01, VSMY5890X01, and VSMY5940X01 emit nearly all of their light and power out of the top of the chip.

With most of the light concentrated on the surface, the IR emitters achieve higher intensity to 13mW/sr for proximity sensors, optical switches, and miniature light barriers.

The devices combine their high brightness with a ± 60° angle of half intensity, fast rise and fall times of 7ns, and low forward voltages down to 1.6V at 100mA.

All the devices are qualified for use in automotive applications, following the stringent AEC-Q101 guidelines.

They offer a floor life of 168 hours, and feature a moisture sensitivity level of 3 in accordance with J-STD-020. Supporting lead (Pb)-free reflow soldering, the devices are RoHS-compliant, halogen-free, and Vishay Green.

Samples of the new IR emitters are available now. Production quantities are available with lead times of 10 weeks.

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