Greenliant Now Shipping SATA NANDrive, Increasing Adoption of Embedded Solid State Drives

6th October 2011
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Greenliant Systems has started volume production of its SATA interface NANDrive solid state drives (SSDs). The GLS85LS product family has the same pin-out across all capacities—2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB and higher in the future—which simplifies system-level board design.
Measuring 14mm x 24mm x 1.95mm, in a 145 ball grid array (BGA), 1mm ball pitch package, SATA NANDrive devices are one of the smallest SSDs, giving OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) flexibility when designing data storage into their embedded products. The BGA package can be soldered directly onto the motherboard—no extra connectors are needed—providing added stability to the SSD.

Compatible with the latest generation chipsets, SATA NANDrive combines Greenliant’s proprietary high-performance NAND flash controller with up to eight NAND flash die in a multi-chip package. As a fully integrated SSD—when compared to using discrete NAND and a controller—NANDrive improves customers’ time-to-market by eliminating the need to procure and qualify multiple chips.

“As NAND flash memory continues to rapidly shrink, making it difficult for embedded products to keep up, a standard-interface storage solution that doesn’t require redesigns at each new geometry node is needed,” said Michael Yang, Principal Analyst for Memory & Storage, iSuppli Corporation. “The timing is right for BGA package SSDs like NANDrive.”

“By offering NANDrive with a SATA interface, we are providing our automotive, industrial, medical and enterprise networking customers an essential building block for their embedded systems,” said Bing Yeh, CEO of Greenliant Systems. “Products that use NANDrive—such as robotics, ruggedized tablets, blade servers and car infotainment systems—have unique storage requirements. They need SSDs that will reliably preserve data integrity, with long operating life and ‘military-grade’ security options, which are Greenliant’s areas of expertise and where NANDrive excels.”

The addition of SATA II-compliant GLS85LS devices builds on the success of Greenliant’s PATA (GLS85LD and GLS85LP) products, expanding its portfolio of NANDrive embedded SSDs.

Energy Efficient - SATA NANDrive is an energy-efficient and cost-saving device with active-mode power consumption as low as 335mW typical, idle mode at 210mW typical and standby mode at 190mW typical. It also features a deep power-down mode to further reduce power usage to 10mW typical.

Configurable Security - The advanced security features of the GLS85LS product family include a unique device ID, password protection and four independent zones that the user can set to different protection levels. In addition, SATA NANDrive allows the user to select specific areas of the SSD to instantly purge sensitive content, instead of erasing the entire drive.

Advanced Wear Leveling - Greenliant’s NAND management technology is based on advanced static and dynamic wear-leveling algorithms that balance the wear across Erase Blocks in the entire memory subsystem, maximizing the NANDrive lifespan and allowing system engineers to address applications with long lifetime requirements.


SATA NANDrive is available now. To order GLS85LS products, view the list of Greenliant authorized distributors and sales representatives online. Customers can also request NANDrive product samples and evaluation boards online.

SATA NANDrive will be shown at the following industry events. To arrange an on-site meeting with Greenliant, contact the local channel partner or

KES (Korea Electronics Show), October 12-15, Future Electronics booth P1522

Insyde 10-in-10 Computing Conference, Taiwan, October 28, PCT stand in the Showcase

ET2011 (Embedded Technology 2011), Japan, November 16-18, Microtek stand in Distributors Association of Foreign Semiconductors (DAFS) booth A-17

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