Fairchild Semiconductor's Smart High-Side Switches Provide Designers Reliable Alternatives to Discrete Solutions for Driving Automotive Applications

2nd May 2012
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Fairchild Semiconductor has developed a smart high-side switch family that specifically addresses advanced electrical load control in automotive body electronics. The family provides an alternative to discrete MOSFET solutions, integrating protection and diagnostic features in order to reduce component count and PCB complexity, while offering better system reliability.

The FDDS100H06_F085 smart high-side switch is an N-channel power MOSFET with charge pump, ground-referenced CMOS-compatible input and diagnostic output with integrated protection functions. The diagnostic feedback capability of the FDDS100H06_F085 provides system control options to minimize impact under various fault conditions.

The FDBS09H04A_F085A and FDDS10H04A_F085A are smart high-side switches incorporating an N-channel power MOSFET device featuring a charge pump, current controlled input and diagnostic feedback with load current sense and integrated Smart Trench chip-on-chip technology.

Devices in the smart high-side switch family incorporate internal self-protection features that prevent damage to the end systems for conditions such as over temperature, shorted load, load dump and over-voltage, providing high reliability in demanding automotive applications.

Qualified to AEC Automotive standards, the FDDS100H06_F085, FDBS09H04A_F085A, and FDDS10H04_F085A also feature current limitation, short circuit protection, very low standby power, and ESD protection. The devices also feature optimized state electromagnetic compatibility.

The FDDS100H06_F085 and FDDS10H04_F085A are packaged in a TO252-5 lead package, while the FDBS09H04A_F085A is available in TO263-7 lead package.

Fairchild's expertise in power semiconductor devices and packaging modules, combined with extensive testing, simulation and high quality manufacturing allows us to provide products that perform reliably in the most demanding automotive environments, including under-the-hood applications. Our engineering expertise and tools cover all aspects of design and analysis and include simulation capabilities, structural analysis, thermo-mechanical analysis, mold flow analysis and device and package failure.

Price, in 1,000 quantity pieces:
FDDS100H06_F085: US $1.13
FDBS09H04A_F085A: US $1.95
FDDS10H04A_F085A: US $1.90

Samples available upon request. Delivery in 8-12 weeks ARO

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