CALLUM reveals SKYE: multi-terrain electric vehicle

23rd November 2023
Paige West

CALLUM unveiled its new electric vehicle, CALLUM SKYE, tailored for both on- and off-road use. This marks the company's first vehicle entirely developed in-house, from conception to engineering.

CALLUM SKYE, with its unique position in the compact multi-terrain vehicle market, offers an enclosed cabin for comfort and practicality. Its design focuses on rugged functionality, featuring a 2+2 seating arrangement.

Ian Callum, Head of Design at CALLUM, detailed the vehicle's design elements. "CALLUM SKYE is about four metres in length, embodying a purpose-driven aesthetic. Its design prioritises functionality, striking a balance between minimalism and capability. The vehicle's performance, style, and functionality are central, integrated seamlessly with its engineering. Features such as integrated glass in the lower door sections enhance visibility under various conditions. The SKYE's design and concept make it a distinctive presence in the market."

The all-electric, all-wheel-drive CALLUM SKYE is engineered for both exhilarating on-road and capable off-road experiences. Its technical specifications include a 42kWh lithium-ion battery, offering an estimated range of 170 miles. The vehicle can also be fitted with a rapid-charging battery. With a target weight of 1,150kg and balanced weight distribution, it aims to achieve 0-60mph acceleration in under four seconds.

Adam Donfrancesco, Head of Engineering at CALLUM, commented on the vehicle's development. "Our goal with CALLUM SKYE was to create a versatile and robust vehicle. We've focused on simplicity and integrity throughout its development, ensuring it meets diverse off-road requirements while providing a comfortable and engaging driving experience."

CALLUM SKYE is designed for various terrains, from roads to rougher landscapes, offering a clean and quiet alternative to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. It emphasises ease of use without the need for special attire, aiming to provide an enjoyable experience.

The vehicle is currently undergoing further engineering and testing in the UK and Europe. CALLUM plans to release detailed specifications and tailored variants for both on- and off-road use in spring 2024.

David Fairbairn, Managing Director at CALLUM, spoke about the vehicle's market position. "The CALLUM SKYE fills a specific market niche, offering a well-engineered off-road vehicle that combines enjoyment and escapism. Its battery options reflect our commitment to making a significant industry impact while minimising environmental effects."

Interested parties can express their interest in CALLUM SKYE at

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