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Tottenham Hotspur wins at Sustainability Impact Awards

5th June 2024
Paige West

Schneider Electric announced that Tottenham Hotspur Football Club has been recognised as a European winner in its annual Sustainability Impact Awards.

Port of Dover and Platinum Electrical Engineering, for its work with Brilliant Planet, were also announced as UK winners.

The awards aim to recognise organisations making a positive impact on sustainability, demonstrating leadership and innovation as the world looked to reduce its carbon emissions.

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club is on a journey to operate and maintain the most technologically advanced stadium in the world whilst supporting its journey to net-zero.  

The club is driving innovation and technology initiatives to ensure the stadium operations are as energy efficient as possible, using only 100% renewable energy to power all electrical equipment on site. Its award-winning stadium is regarded as a global benchmark for design and innovation and the club has been named as the Premier League’s greenest club for four successive years.  

In September 2021, the stadium was home to the world’s first net-zero football match, #GameZero, raising awareness of the impact of major sporting events on our climate amongst millions of footballs fans around the world   

Port of Dover

Port of Dover plays a critical role in the supply of essential goods to the UK with 33% of all UK trade with the EU passing through the port. Its ecosystem accounts for 8% of all UK maritime emissions and Port of Dover is on a mission to reduce this, setting itself challenging targets on the road to decarbonisation.  

Through investment and innovation Port of Dover has reduced its own emissions by 95% since 2007. The introduction of smart lighting design/management, the electrification of heating systems, a move to Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) for plant, machinery and vehicles, and the use of building management systems are just some of the initiatives that have helped it make huge strides to decarbonise operations and become more energy efficient.  

Port of Dover plans to decarbonise its remaining ecosystem emissions through electrification and is embarking on an ambitious project to become one of the first high volume Green Corridors in the UK. It is exploring the possibility of shore power as ships transition to become fully electric, transforming from a transport hub to an energy provider through onsite energy generation and microgrids.  

Platinum Electrical Engineering

Gateshead-based Platinum Electrical Engineering, an award-winning systems integrator, delivered a software-centric industrial automation project for Brilliant Planet.  

London-based Brilliant Planet is a pioneer in low-cost, carbon capture which is crucial in our efforts to tackle climate change. It grows vast quantities of algae which can sequester up to 30 times more carbon from the atmosphere than the same area of forest. After several years of research, development, and trials, Brilliant Planet is now ready to scale up and build its presence worldwide.  

The carbon capture process requires a highly flexible and efficient control system that can easily scale as needed. Platinum Electrical Engineering’s approach to the project showed great creativity and depth of knowledge in its use of Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Automation Expert. As a result, it was able to easily troubleshoot and adapt industrial processes to meet Brilliant Planet’s specific needs and deliver a completely bespoke and scalable system.  

It means Brilliant Planet can reduce the time spent integrating and testing control software at each of its sites, getting up and running much more quickly in new locations as it builds its global presence.  

Kelly Becker, President UK&I at Schneider Electric said: "Each of our Impact Award winners is leading the way to sustainability. They went above and beyond in terms of our judging criteria when it comes to innovation, inspiration, and leadership. The focus of our next edition of these awards remains on decarbonisation efforts to electrify, reduce, and replace, and we’re looking forward to learning about those projects in due course.”

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