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BMZ presents the launch of POWER4HOME

9th April 2024
Harry Fowle

The BMZ Group has announced the launch of POWER4HOME, a highly flexible home storage system in a modern design for electricity from photovoltaic systems. It is optionally available with the BMZ inverter POWER2GRID.

With POWER4HOME, the BMZ Group is introducing the next generation of intelligent and self-sufficient energy supplies for homes, which blend seamlessly into the sleek design of modern architecture. The new BMZ storage system enables households with photovoltaic systems to be self-sufficient and not depend on the electricity grid, even if the generated electricity is used at a different time. And with the optional BMZ GridSwitch, this system also replaces the emergency power generator in the event of unstable energy supply from the public power grid.

POWER4HOME has been developed for indoor and outdoor use. With a depth of only 164 mm, the energy storage system has a super slim profile and boasts a modern, space-saving, and aesthetic design. This means it fits seamlessly into the living area. And with passive cooling, POWER4HOME works completely silently and does not impact your daily activities. Using its optionally available thermal management system, POWER4HOME can also be charged and discharged in extreme temperatures. POWER4HOME can then be operated between -20° C and +55° C.

POWER4HOME is also extremely flexible. Customers can connect up to four POWER4HOME units in parallel and store and use between 6.7 kWh to 106.8 kWh of energy (up to 26.7 kWh per POWER4HOME unit). The units can either be wall-mounted or installed on the floor, both stacked or side by side. So POWER4HOME adapts perfectly to your space conditions and aesthetic preferences.

The energy storage system can also be purchased with or without the BMZ POWER2GRID inverter, depending on whether an inverter is already available for the existing photovoltaic system (e.g., when replacing the existing energy storage system) or not (retrofitting of an energy storage system or new installation of the complete photovoltaic system including home storage).

POWER4HOME weighs just 30 kg and is easy to install. POWER4HOME can be installed in just 15 minutes by a single person.

The lithium iron phosphate cell technology and 2-channel safety architecture not only guarantee maximum energy density in the smallest possible installation space, but also offer reliable protection against overcurrent, undervoltage, overvoltage, short circuits, and reverse polarity over the entire permissible temperature range. Made in Europe and engineered in Germany, POWER4HOME puts safety for the home and family first. BMZ offers a 10-year warranty for POWER4HOME, which can be extended to up to 15 years.

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