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AOC and Philips Monitors achieve EPEAT Climate+ Certification

27th November 2023
Sheryl Miles

MMD, a technology company and brand licensing partner for Philips Monitors, along with AOC, a prominent display manufacturer, have recently attained the EPEAT Climate+ certification.

Their logos now feature on the EPEAT website, symbolising their contribution to eco-conscious technology. This certification highlights their commitment to producing high-performance products that comply with rigorous environmental standards.

In response to the escalating climate crisis, innovative solutions are essential, especially in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector. This environmental challenge necessitates immediate action from manufacturers and consumers within the industry.

The EPEAT Climate+ certification recognises AOC and Philips Monitors as contributors to more sustainable electronic products. Overseen by the Global Electronics Council (GEC), the certification process demands adherence to strict criteria focusing on reducing carbon footprint and mitigating climate change. EPEAT Climate+ Champions are manufacturers with EPEAT registered products that have attained the EPEAT Climate+ designation.

Product requirements for the EPEAT Climate+ Designation

To achieve the EPEAT Climate+ designation, products must fulfil several key criteria, reflecting a holistic approach to sustainability:

  • Public and third-party verified product GHG disclosures: transparent and verified disclosures of product greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Energy efficient upstream manufacturing processes: manufacturing processes that prioritise energy efficiency.
  • Science-based GHG reduction targets: commitment to scientifically grounded targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Renewable energy sourcing: utilisation of renewable energy sources in product manufacturing.
  • Product energy efficiency standards: compliance with high standards of product energy efficiency.

Developed collaboratively with manufacturers, scientists, policymakers, and sustainability advocates, these criteria ensure that products meet high industry standards for decarbonisation.

A commitment to comprehensive sustainability

The certification recognises not only the eco-friendly design of the products but also the responsible practices of the companies behind them. Third-party verification experts approved by the GEC confirm that all required climate criteria have been met, adding credibility to the EPEAT Climate+ designation.

This certification is significant in an era where consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their choices. It enables purchasers to identify technology products designed and manufactured with climate change mitigation in mind, contributing to efforts to alleviate the climate crisis. AOC and Philips Monitors’ achievement empowers consumers to make informed decisions, choosing products that align with their environmental responsibility values.

At the heart of AOC and Philips Monitors’ ethos is their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint and fostering sustainable practices within the electronics industry.

Kevin Yang, Technical Product Lead EU | Global Product Manager at Philips / AOC Monitors & IT, stated: “We would like to thank the Global Electronics Council for launching the new EPEAT Climate+ designated products certification, which will further empower manufacturers like us to introduce more sustainable products to the market. At AOC and MMD, we believe that sustainability is the key to our success and offers us the opportunity to use our skills, expertise, and relationships to create a better future for individuals, society at large and the environment we all live in.”

Advancing towards a greener future

The achievement of the EPEAT Climate+ certification by AOC and Philips Monitors represents a significant step in their journey towards environmental sustainability. It demonstrates their proactive approach to integrating sustainability into their products and reflects their dedication to the well-being of both the environment and their consumers.

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