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UARX and Sener have partnered to work on OSSIE Orbital transfer vehicle

18th September 2023
Sheryl Miles

UARX Space and Sener have partnered to work on the first Spanish Orbital Transfer Vehicle. The agreement was signed in Madrid.

The collaboration is within the OSSIE orbital vehicles and will increase UARX OTV, reliability, and precision in orbital transportation missions. UARX joins forces with Sener, a specialist in navigation, guidance, and control systems for the space industry.

“We are beyond excited to announce our collaboration with Sener. One of the main challenges for an Orbital Transfer Vehicle is having the proper guidance and control system, and for UARX, having a one-of-its-kind GNC Subsystem as the `brain´ of OSSIE makes our team incredibly proud of our achievements,” said Yanina Hallak, CEO and Co-Founder at UARX.

The OSSIE (Orbit Solutions to Simplify Injection and Exploration) spacecraft has been a bold vision since its conception, and this strategic partnership between UARX and Sener marks a significant milestone in its development. Sener’s vast experience and technical knowledge in navigation, guidance, and control systems will allow us to overcome complex technical challenges and guarantee safe and precise travel in orbit. UARX’s extended experience in small satellites will help Sener to work with agile procedures.

“With UARX and Sener’s long-term collaboration, Spain has stepped forward to become a leading player in space logistics and in-space transportation,” said Andrés Villa, CTO and Co-Founder at UARX.

OSSIE qualification flight will be launched on June 2025 and will mark a history milestone in the UARX Space roadmap.

Mariano Sánchez, Business Development Manager at Sener, highlights: “The future space transportation systems in areas such as launchers or in-orbit servicing are strategic for Sener. This collaboration represents a step forward in this direction and therefore we are glad to announce the long-term partnership with UARX. Sener will contribute to this alliance, as a leader in navigation and control systems and leveraging our technological expertise in space missions such as Euclid or Space Rider, amongst many others. I have no doubt that our knowledge of the space industry and our experience with institutions such as ESA, NASA, or JAXA, along with the agile dynamics of UARX’s commercial approach, will result in a very positive partnership.”

This partnership adds excellent value to UARX’s strategy and growth plan. For the OSSIE spacecraft, UARX has previously partnered with top companies in the smallsat industry and European institutions such as DLR’s Institute of Space Systems.

The OSSIE orbital transfer vehicle, scheduled for June 2025, has already accommodated customers from three continents, from pocketqubes to small satellites. On top of the payloads to be deployed, four IODs from companies and institutions will fly on board the transfer vehicle. The manifest is still open, and more payloads are welcome on board.

OSSIE manoeuvring plan is for payloads that need to achieve direct injection, orbital altitude, and inclination changes, as well as phasing for in-plane constellation distribution and LTAN/LTDN change. The qualification mission payload capacity is 250kg.

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