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Space Industry convene at Space Tech Expo in Bremen

22nd November 2022
Kiera Sowery

Leading industry figures gathered at Space Tech Expo Europe 2022 in Bremen to hail space exploration, the NewSpace movement, and the SmallSat industry.

Space Tech Expo is one of the largest European space events, this year welcoming over 5,000 attendees from over 500 exhibiting organisations from the 15th to the 17th of November to celebrate the industry in the fifth edition of the event. It shines a light on space enterprises from start-ups to established organisations, promoting the innovation of companies such as Exobotics.

The event featured three distinct conferences, on Industry, SmallSats, and Mobility Connectivity, each with themed days, panels, and sessions.

The SmallSat Conference, in particular, was popular amongst satellite technology and service provides with significant progress being made in the industry since the last event, with organisations delivering payload agnostic nano-satellite platforms like XO-BUS.

The SmallSat industry is growing rapidly with the NewSpace movement, serving a variety of applications including agriculture, mining, weather forecasting, urban planning, communications, and more.

The Expo provided a three-day programme of industry speeches, panels, and presentations on a variety of space topics as well as a host of exhibitors and networking opportunities in the main exhibition hall.

Nadeem Gabbani, Founder of Exobotics, commented: “Events like Space Tech Expo are highlights of the space calendar, providing a platform for the industry to come together to showcase technological advancements and celebrate innovation in the space sector.”

“The SmallSat industry, which is growing prominent with the NewSpace movement, is at a particularly exciting stage with an increasing number of launches being scheduled and applications outside of the space industry being explored for the likes of FinTech, telecommunications, and beyond.”

“These events help to inspire the work of Exobotics, sharing industry aims and understanding how we can help our customers feel the value and benefits of space. These benefits should be accessible for all, which is why we act as an in-house satellite team, overseeing projects from concept to launch in under 12 months through our fast-track programme.”

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