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Hadean to power synthetic environment for AI-enabled laser systems LVC training

14th September 2023
Sheryl Miles

British spatial computing company, Hadean, is set to participate in the inaugural industry-led event October Sky in Sydney, Australia, and pair with AI driven laser company, AIM Defence, to power a synthetic environment for AIM’s Fractl C-UAS to be integrated with Hadean’s Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) training environments.

The Australian Department of Defence is actively pursuing innovation, and both the defence industry and stakeholders acknowledge the increasing challenges associated with protecting sovereign spaces, primarily due to the proliferation of drones and the integration of smaller-scale technologies into the military arsenal. Additionally, the complexities posed by real-world civilian behaviours and environments also come to challenge the effectiveness of defensive strategies.

Orchestrated by innovation execution (IX) company, Chaos1, the demonstration aims to bring together a number of AUKUS industry, academia, and government partners to tackle critical technology adoption challenges currently faced by the Australian Defence Force and boost the Australian DoD’s capacity for outcome-driven innovation. This includes, Second Front Systems, a US-based public-benefit software company which accelerates the delivery of mission-critical software solutions and driving advancements in the realm of federal security and technology.

From the end of September, and for the duration of the two-week event, Hadean will work with Chaos1, AIM Defence, and Second Front to demonstrate integration of the Fractl laser C-UAS system in the real world into a common operating picture inside a virtual environment. The exercise will bridge physical and virtual worlds by bringing a real asset, located in Melbourne, and integrating it into a digital realm deployed in Sydney – over 900 kilometres away.

Focused on providing a solution to one of five strategically aligned technology objectives curated by Chaos1, Sensor Defeat: Counter-crewed and uncrewed systems technologies, the experiment will showcase how integrated teams can rapidly translate emerging, digitally-enabled technology into mission-viable capability for the end-user.

Hadean Co-Founder & CEO, Craig Beddis, said: “Enabling repeatable training for both humans and AI to operate novel high-energy CUAS capabilities in a safe and secure environment, with minimal risk, is critical given the increasingly important role of uncrewed aircraft in the modern battlefield. It’s a huge privilege for Hadean to participate in the October Sky experimentation initiative and closely support our partners Chaos1 and AIM Defence, as a technology enabler, in their mission to drive innovation in the Australian defence industry and overcome the strategic challenges of the Australian DoD.”

AIM Defence Co-Founder, Jessica Glenn, said; “Iteration pace is the key factor in AIM’s success. Testing our systems in virtualised environments enables us to move significantly faster while also ensuring that the system is regularly encountering a wide range of operating scenarios. Integrating Fractl with Hadean’s platform allows us to decentralise our testing capability and run simulated engagements anywhere in the world.”

Chaos1 Founder and Managing Director, Benny Johanson, said: “The partnership with Hadean, AIM Defence, and Second Front is a clear example of how we’re looking to rapidly bridge the gap between emerging technology and mission-viable capability for the end-user. Through a trust-based partnership, we are excited to work alongside Hadean, AIM Defence and Second Front to solve some of Defence’s tough capability problems at the speed of relevance.

Building on a long history of innovating within Defence, October Sky aims to provide an opportunity for industry to better understand the end-user’s problems and address emerging technology challenges at pace.

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